It’s Lurie Versus Falick!

While Jerry Coyne has been “crossing swords” with Rabbi Alan Lurie on his site, the good rabbi and I have been engaged in a more collegial dialogue via e-mail.You’ll recall that I’ve been a little harsh on some of Lurie’s factual claims about God, though not nearly as brittle as Coyne, who calls him the “wacko rabbi.”  In fact, he’s not wacko at all.  He’s pretty representative of most liberal rabbis.After my most recent critique (okay, attack) over his recruitment of Einstein into theolo … [Read more...]

The Rabbinical Dialogue, Exchange #3

If you’re following the rabbinical dialogue between Rabbi Fred Klein and me then you’ve read his excellent second letter.  It was quite challenging.  I’ll leave it to the readers to judge whether I’ve been up to the challenge.Once again I want to thank Rabbi Klein for his participation.  I believe in the importance of family and community.  My identity is bound up with being a member of the Jewish family and community.  Reasoned dialogues are crucial to the health and well-being of our world … [Read more...]

Rabbinic Dialogue Round 2 – Rabbi Klein’s Letter

I am happy to present below the second letter from Rabbi Fred Klein in our continuing dialogue.  It is very challenging and I think it's going to take me a few days to frame an adequate response.I hope you're all enjoying this as much as I am!  And I want to again publicly express my gratitude to Rabbi Klein for making this possible. … [Read more...]

The Rabbinical Dialogue Continues…Round 2

Well, the consensus among my friends and the few of you who posted here or on Facebook is that snark is okay in small doses.Moving on, here is my “Round 2” letter to Rabbi Fred Klein in our continuing exchange.  He has received it and is working on his response.  Here is a link to “Round 1” where both of our first letters are posted. … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts On The Rabbinical Dialogue

It looks like we’re off to a great start and I thank you all for your comments to the posting.I do want to throw in my two cents about Rabbi Klein.  I am not an Orthodox Jew (as if that needed to be said) but it seems to me that someone with Rabbi Klein’s background should qualify to be considered a “kosher” Orthodox rabbi.  However, he is absolutely correct in his assertion that the Orthodox community is not monolithic.  In fact, this was the source of most of my initial questions to him. … [Read more...]

The Rabbinical Dialogue Begins!

A while back I mentioned that I would soon begin a dialogue on this blog with an Orthodox rabbi.  The day has arrived to share our first exchange.My dialogue partner is Rabbi Frederick Klein, Director of Community Chaplaincy at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami.  He holds an advanced degree in philosophy from Columbia University and was ordained at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University. I a … [Read more...]