Blessed Art Thou, Mr. Deity

I am a long-time fan of the Mr. Deity YouTube series.  If you aren’t familiar with this hysterical creation, here’s a great episode to start with.  It’s called Mr. Deity and the Philosopher. … [Read more...]

Yom Kippur For Secular Humanists

Tonight is Yom Kippur and I’ll be with Congregation Beth Adam in Boca Raton where Rabbi Miriam Jerris, who has become a beloved role model and friend to me, will lead and speak at services.  I joked with her that for the first time ever I can truly say I am looking forward to Yom Kippur.Of all the days on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur would seem the most problematic for secular humanistic Jews.  Almost the entirety of its ritual is about beseeching God for forgiveness.For on this day ato … [Read more...]