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  • Terry Nelson

    Afterwards, Timmy and Terry were sent to therapy for issues related to gender identity and innapropriate dress.How’d you get these photos Kat?

  • Jane

    Wow, those are freakishly accurate-looking costumes. Any idea what the occasion was?

  • Dan Hunter

    Are they midget nuns?

  • The Crescat

    their wonder twins… activate… form of NUNS!Terry, I probably stole this from Ken ages ago… there’s no telling. I have complete disregard for copyright laws. I’m reckless and dangerous like that. That’s just how I roll. ;-P

  • Jackie Parkes MJ

    So cute!

  • BAMK

    The occasion was a Mission Sunday in October somewhere in the diocese of Brooklyn NY. For many years it was the custom in the diocese to dress a few school children up in authentic miniature habits of the religious sisters and brothers who taught in the school. The children would take up the Mission Sunday collection at the doors of the church. Later in the day there would be processions and devotions at select parishes around the diocese where hundreds of these little religious would take part. It was wonderful for the children and our families. I was dressed as a bishop one year. These girls are dressed as Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood NY. BAMK