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  • Megi

    ….a l w a y s in my h e a r t….:)

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    That is exceptionally poignant to those of us who live in Southern California. I don't fear earthquakes – in fact, last night I dreamt one occurred and my mother walked into the room freaked out about it, and I told her, "Ma, what do you care? You're dead, so you're gonna be just fine." But when the Santa Anas start to blow and there is the smell of smoke in the air, I can't sleep and I pray that the fire doesn't spread.

  • The Digital Hairshirt live in Orange County, south of Los Angeles County. But it doesn't matter. We're entering fire season and I don't like it.

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    Let me be clear – I don't like the fire season. Crescat's choice of music – which I find fascinating – is just fine.