Obama is only interested in the economy as a secondary matter; chiefly, he’s interested in power and rearranging the order of society…

…”One of the market’s biggest concerns is the absence of available credit, the weak dollar, and the growing fiscal sickness of the American government. All would be improved if Obama were to use this unspent money immediately to reduce the deficit or to shore up the FDIC or to engage in some other prudent, unsexy, and long-term matter. But he’s constitutionally incapable of doing so because, in spite of his alleged reluctance to have the government overly involved in the economy, he has not yet resisted a temptation to tinker, whether in autos, housing, or healthcare…” [read the full article here.]

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    Just put the money back where it came from….As a single taxpayer with no claimable dependents my tax burben for the rest of my employable life will be an absolute killer..which in turn reduces the amount of disposible income I can freely donate to worthwhile causes..Sara