day three…

… I tell you what, I’ve certainly been having the most vivid and strangest dreams these past few days.

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  • Terry Nelson

    It's probably the medication.

  • Mark Scott Abeln

    Don't forget Friday and Saturday nights! Easiest time to forget a novena.Speaking of dreams…..Lately I had three dreams, three nights in a row. In each dream I was married to a different woman.Dream 1. Married to a successful country music singer who had a country-music-singer name, a self-made woman, street smart if not formally educated. Blonde permed hair, heavily made up, average height, average weight, in her mid 40s. Lived in a rustic house in the mountains, far from civilization.2. Married to a tall, full-figured redhead in her late 20s. She didn't wear makeup, and dressed very casually. Was unemployed, did house-sitting – in what happened to be the house where I grew up. Was very much a homebody, was a good cook, and wanted a family.3. Married to a very slender, short brunette. Possibly in her 30s but hard to tell, who wore very tasteful makeup and clothing. Lived in an urban high-rise condo, dimly lit but filled with art. Highly educated, cultured, and intelligent, with inherited wealth.Please psychoanalyze.By the way, I've be praying for you every day when I say my Rosary on my way to work.

  • The Crescat

    I'd post about my dreams but I'm scared people will think I'm nuts. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA…oh, wait. Hmmm… psychoanalyzing dreams sounds like it could be fun.And Mark, you're very sweet. How has Raphael been working out for you lately? Did it work?

  • Mark Scott Abeln

    The last time I discussed this matter with a priest, he thought that God would not send me a woman until my heart becomes very pure! Maybe something similar with you too?You won't get what you want until you are happy without it. But…. "It is not good for man to be alone…" Hmmmmmmm.

  • Smiley

    Crescat.Maybe God has a reason why you cant find a husband. I know many single moms and dads who have gone on to become religious once the kids were settled. YOu wont belive the kind God is calling these days.

  • Just another mad Catholic

    @Smiley I've suggested this to Cat more times than I count; and since she said I could remind her when she Nun Gaze's I'm Reminding you Cat!!

  • Patm

    This is where you are headed:

  • The Crescat

    No… THIS is where I am heading…