Do these images offend you…

… “In Fells Point, Maryland, there is the Ale Mary’s Bar. The light-hearted fun includes, holy water font snack bowls, a monstrance on the bar, and a ‘Chalice Club’ (yes, members can drink beer from chalices.)”

When I first saw this post by Fr. Richtsteig, I thought it probably not the best idea to use sacramentals in such an ordinary way. I followed his links to these two sources, but they both fail to capture the true level of in which these sacred objects are being profaned.

I guess because Catholics are so great at self deprecating humor it failed to fully register. Then I saw the images – the real images not used in the first two news reportings. Images taken by bar patrons

Two of these items at one time housed Jesus Christ Himself. One His body, the other His blood. This is definitely not a bit of innocuous fun. These are consecrated items, not party favors and toys.

Do these images offend you? They should. Join Visit 500,000 Against Ale Mary’s

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  • Lance Rautzhan
  • robertgwirth

    {s}But, Kat, surely you know that under the New Politically Correct World Order we Catholics have no right anymore to be offended?{sarcasm off}

  • L.

    It is possible the items were made but not consecrated. 
    Who knows, though — anyone can buy stuff like this, and use it for whatever they want:
     If adults are permitted to use/display their own bodies in obscene ways, I don’t see any difference between that and using consecrated objects in profane ways.
    It would seem to me to be difficult to crack down on something like this, whether or not you think it’s an abomination or not. 

    • kenneth

      If people are fool enough to sell items which they consider to be truly sacred and consecrated on the open market, they deserve whatever insult becomes of it. I would never sell my own ritual tools online or at a garage sale. They would either go to someone I knew who held them in the same reverance, or they would be destroyed in an honorable fashion. If, as seems more likely, these items were bought direct from some manufacturer in China and never actually consecrated, then no desecration is taking place.  Symbolic irreverance and insult, perhaps, but that’s all part of the game in a country with the First Amendment. They have the right to be offensive. You have the right to be offended (and say so), and to withhold your business and urge others to do the same. 

  • Fr. Cory Sticha

    I wonder if a disembodied hand writing on the wall would be enough to cause them to stop. It worked at the time of Daniel.

  • Crescat, hope you don’t mind, but I copied/pasted your post on this abomination on my own blog, asking for reparation.  Please let me know if you wish me to remove it.

    Thanks, and I think your blog is a riot…in the best way  : )

  • pablo

    In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, an auction was held whereby only pre-registered people were allowed to purchase sacred objects.

    This translates to no objects sold to the SSPX or anyone that would venerate them.

    Bars and private individuals hostile to our Lord purchased the articles to profane them, and belittle our Lord.

    Enter the new, popular ‘Hero” Archbishop in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

    Were these Catholic maggots that sold these sacred objects terminated?

    If we continue to pat popular Bishops on the back, and only speak in polite terms, the situation will only get worse.

    Our Priests need to quit entertaining, and take back their Holy Ministries, and demand their Bishops start Bishing again.

    God raises women to embarrass Bishops and Priests as He did with Saint Joan of Arc.

    He’ll have to do the same in America from the looks of it.