Nobody Expects Pope Francis…

… When I saw the white smoke I was all like ..

Then when they made the announcement from the balcony I was like, “Who?”

And I knew it was good.

He seems to be a humble man and lover of the poor; hence the taking of the poverello as his name. And yes, the Vatican confirmed it’s Francis of Assisi and not Francis Xavier. The rebuild my church Francis.

Viva il papa.

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  • Anna Metreveli

    Yes, we, catholics in Russia, didn’t expect him either, but I think the Holy Spirit made a good choice) The godparents of my son are from Argentina, they’ve been celebrating the whole night:)

  • Susan Kramer

    My dear Katrina -
    God is good!!!
    IMHO, our good Pope Francis may be a Jesuit, but I think he is a Franciscan in his heart. The more I hear about him, the more I love him. He sets a wonderful example for me personally.
    So many of us prayed for a holy Pope, and once again, God gave us far more than we imagined!
    Very best Lenten wishes to you!