Shamelessly Blegging Our Way to Summer Camp…

… Sadly, I wonder if I should make this an annual fund raising campaign each summer. I’m embarrassed to admit that I did this very same thing last year, but I do so love my son and I’ll do anything for him.

And that anything means swallowing my pride every twelve months to ask you guys for a little help to get my son to summer camp.

You see, last year he had such a fantastic time at Scout camp that he’s dying to return this summer. He did all the marvelous, filthy things I completely expected him to do.

He didn’t bathe or change his underwear. He cooked food over an open fire, swam, fished, climbed peaks, and shot at things. And he hung out with boys and got to behave, uninhibited, like a boy. And that experience in and of itself is priceless.

Not to mention the butt load of merit badges he earned! And every single dollar you donated made it all possible. I was able to buy him a mess kit, that fantastic sun hat, and a decent pair of hiking shoes on top of sending him to camp.

And so here we again. Hiking shoes outgrown, sleeping bag torn and ripped from repeated use throughout the year, all on top of the added expense for the camp itself.

So here is my appeal, again, to you. The camp is $365 and he’ll need some gear to take with him as well.

If you can find it in your charity to donate even a dollar it’s one less dollar I have to worry about coming up with. Every dollar helps. And it’s for a really good cause. At least I think my son is really good cause. You would be helping a young man have boyhood experiences and earn advancements towards his Eagle Rank. Think of it as a societal investment or do it because you have your own fond camp and Scouting memories. Whatever your reason, I simply ask for your help.

Click “donate” to be directed to paypal

When I mentioned resurrecting the paypal button on facebook many of you commented that you’d love to help out but things were tight right now. Lord knows, I completely understand things being tight. I realize there are lots of needs out there, aside from own. Because of this I’ll be posting a novena here on my blog everyday where you can add your attentions and hopefully we can pray together and for each other as a community. Whether you can donate a dollar or not I’d like to ask you all to participate in this novena.

Thank you again, guys, for caring about a boy most of you have never met and being so supportive. And thank you for your regular readership.

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  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    What new gear?

    • Shoes, swim trunks, sleeping bag. That pack you gave him has held up wonderfully. He still needs a tent but so far we’ve had luck with him sharing a two man with another camper so that can wait.

  • Awkpearl

    I wish I could help. I will send up a prayer that he gets what he needs and that he has a safe and wonderful time! Special prayers to his Guardian Angel! 🙂

  • ADG

    Happy to help a bit. Sounds like he’s having a great Scouting experience!