Unnatural! Unholy!


... Look at these temperatures! Just look at them! How is one supposed to get into a proper Advent/Christmas-y disposition when one is perspiring while decorating?! … [Read more...]

DIY Advent Calendar…

... Look! It's an Advent art & crafts project even I can't ruin. A Christmas miracle. … [Read more...]

Friday Freebies…


... Today I am offering one reader a free copy of Lisa Hendey's Advent book, O Radiant Dawn. This is a wonderfully structured, yet brief, 5 minute prayer guide that takes you through the Advent season. I can really see this book being used for catechumens in RCIA or in mom groups because it offers thorough yet simple prayer reflections that fit perfectly into busy schedules.Also, you can order O Radiant Dawn for only $1 when you order 10 copies or more using the promo code catholicmom12 when … [Read more...]

Forget the Christmas music, how about some lovely, seasonally appropriate, Advent music instead…


... Tomorrow Christmas music begins. Never mind that it started playing in department stores as early as October. If you're as sick of it as I am then you'll definitely enjoy this - proper Advent music.The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles have put together an Advent CD appropriate for the season. Take a look at the playlist...1. Come Thou Redeemer of the Earth 2. Angelus Ad Virginem 3. Regnantem Sempiterna 4. Gabriels Message 5. Creator Alme Siderum 6. Hayl Mary 7. … [Read more...]

identity crisis…


... Well, according to this other nativity scene Jesus was Hispanic, and not Irish after all.I wish I had known of Jesus's Latin origins, then maybe I wouldn't have been so embarrassed of growing up Puerto Rican in white suburbia.The beginning of every school year was a nightmare, sitting there listening to my new teacher struggle to pronounce my ethnic name - which really isn't so uncommon anymore. But, in the 80's no one I knew had a Hispanic sounding last name; my first name … [Read more...]

keeping my sanity this season …


... Having awoken from my Thanksgiving food coma, I am ready to tackle the season of Advent with pious gusto. The first order of business, get an Advent wreath. Last year I set the greenery on fire. I like to use real greenery around the house for wreaths and take holly boughs from my bushes, mostly because it's free but also because it smells oh so good. When everything else is dead and bare the bright green of real garland strung around the house livens the dreary cold atmosphere of winter. I … [Read more...]

what the new translation taught me…

Because nothing says "I'm here to adore you, Jesus" better than thoughtless robot responses.

... After the congregation stumbled through the mass last night, myself included, with a few "and also with your spirit" responses it became obvious that I wasn't paying hard enough attention to the mass itself. I wasn't truly present, just merely on auto-pilot.I think the start of Advent is a good time to be reminded not to spiritually take mass for granted. There was a time in my formation process during conversion where I knew all the scriptural references and symbolism involved in … [Read more...]