Oh, you’re still single. Let me fix that …


... Thanksgiving is next week. You know what that means.Single ladies, brace yourselves. Annoyingly intrusive questions about your personal life are coming to a Thanksgiving dinner table near you.You can grimly smile and nod through another holiday get together or you can proactively shut them up once and for all.Introducing... Rent an ex-felon boyfriend.It's Thanksgiving. Want to skip that long, insulting conversation about how you're still single? About how your … [Read more...]

Nothing is private on the internet and we are all judging you…


... I just can't take it anymore. It has to be said.Young people... use your brains and quit abusing the internet. Consider your online presence and reputation, and know the internet is forever. Also, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Oh, and actions have consequences.Here, let me help you.DON'T...1) When applying for a job or rental property, don't use an email that contains slang terms, drug references, or sexual innuendos. Your friends might find your email address … [Read more...]

Friday is Truly a Day of Penance…


... Ask me what kind of day I've had. Go ahead. Ask.It started with a typical work conversation. Because, the general public...Me: What's your phone numberDude: blah blah blah numbers numbers numbersMe: Is that a mobile number?Dude: No, it's a cell.Then against my better judgement I allowed my Sadistic Marathon Runner friend to talk me out my typical Friday liquid lunch at the margarita bar. She had a better suggestion. Let's take the fat girl to the gym. It'll be … [Read more...]

There’s No Mercy In Baseball …

No mercy!!!!!!!

... Ah, fall baseball. Another season of ruthlessly embarrassing my son from the stands. Let's just say I am not a quiet observer of sports. Yes, I just yelled at my kid to knock your kid outta the way.What? At least I'm watching the game and being supportive and junk. You know this would never happen if they just served beer at the Little League ball park like I suggested. I'm a mellow drunk. … [Read more...]

I Guess It’s Settled. I’m Rome Bound…


... Boy, that coin I threw in the Trevi two years ago really worked! Looks like I'm going to be heading back to Rome with my partner in crime for the canonization of two popes by ... wait, two popes. What does it all meeeeeean?Since I was there for the beatification of JPII and now his canonization I'm pretty sure this makes me an honorary Polack. And the biggest Catholic fangirl ever.Anyway, I have so much to do until then. Like figure out what I'm going to wear for that long … [Read more...]

Well that was disappointing…


... I went Uptown last night to check out the vibe as Charlotte prepares for the DNC. I was expecting (oh, I don't know) maybe something a little grander than this...A poorly made sand sculpture of Obama.Charlotte was a ghost town. I saw two drunk women staggering down the street and a homeless guy playing the bongos. Actually, he may have just been a remnant from Occupy Charlotte. That was it.What is the feeling in the city right now? Discontent and aggravation. Many … [Read more...]