Positively the Most Epic Catholic Kitsch Ever…


...Behold, Glow Jesus, in it's all splendor.Photo credit, Liesa G. H/T Scott B.It brings a tear to the eye.It's positively perfect in every way, aesthetically (as kitsch goes) and theologically with it's rich use of symbolism.The the sea shell, especially the scallop shell, is the symbol of Baptism, and is found frequently on Baptismal fonts. Here, the shell at the bottom can be used as a holy water font.And those five silk roses. Betcha didn't know when five … [Read more...]

“Eucharist” means thanksgiving…


... But I am afraid this might be taking the meaning of the word a bit too far.Photo from Calvert Hall Prep School's facebook page.And the Baby Jesus weeps. … [Read more...]

There is Never a Good Reason For Liturgical Dance…


... I loathe liturgical dance with the white hot passion of a thousand burning heretics. I don't understand it's purpose other than to keep the makers of spandex unitards in business. Even more baffling is why liturgical dance has to be performed inside a Church, a sacred space. Or even worse, during the liturgy itself.I suppose if the performers did their jigs, more appropriately, in a dance hall then it couldn't technically be called liturgical dance, now could it?But that begs the … [Read more...]

God Bless ‘Murica…


... A little late for the Fourth of July, but hey, since I'm still burning through my cache of bootleg fireworks and bathtub gin... Behold! Patriotic art that should never be.And He will raaaiiiissse you up on eagles' wiiiinnggsssss.Click here for a glorious gallery of truck stop religious art. The author of the post calls it blasphemy. I wouldn't go that far. But then again, I am an avid collector of kitsch. Awkward, a little. Intentionally blasphemous, no. Totally … [Read more...]

Saturday Stupid Things…


... A sense the beginnings of a new meme.From this...to this...and now this, The Borja Jesus has a Twitter account.with a little math thrown in for good measure...And lastly, unlock your inner amateur art restorer here and create one of your own.And totally unrelated to the Borja Jesus, yet still an example of art behaving badly - The Nicolas Cage Madonna. Ta Da!Thanks, Digi. You are much loved. … [Read more...]

Can you guess what this is…

yes, but what is it?

... I'll give you a hint. It makes Baby Jesus cry.But wait! There's more. … [Read more...]