Typical Misconceptions Single People Have About Married Life…


... I am often amused by the question “how do you do it alone?”The answer is, I don’t.I have my faith, family, and friends that help me get through the more difficult and overwhelming times. Same as anybody else. It’s funny how people assume just because you aren’t married you are alone.On the flip side of that coin is the inaccurate assumption made by single people that married individuals are immune to loneliness. The truth no one is completely immune from bouts of loneliness in … [Read more...]

Friday is Truly a Day of Penance…


... Ask me what kind of day I've had. Go ahead. Ask.It started with a typical work conversation. Because, the general public...Me: What's your phone numberDude: blah blah blah numbers numbers numbersMe: Is that a mobile number?Dude: No, it's a cell.Then against my better judgement I allowed my Sadistic Marathon Runner friend to talk me out my typical Friday liquid lunch at the margarita bar. She had a better suggestion. Let's take the fat girl to the gym. It'll be … [Read more...]

A typical Sunday night, or what happens when I don’t give blog a curfew…


... I get lots of weird emails accusing me of us sorts of things, mainly accusations involving tin foil hats. Apparently I come off as a tad paranoid. Puh-lease people. Everyone knows aluminium foil hats will only enhance government mind control radio waves. It's basic science folks.No, I think there are worse things out there then government mind control beams. Like TV programming on TLC. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Really?And here I was thinking gypsies looked like Brad … [Read more...]

on being seraphic …


... I appreciate all the concerned emails and words of encouragement but I assure you, kind readers, that I am not in the pits of despair and loneliness. Scrolling through the posts over the last two weeks may indicate otherwise, but I am actually a very jovial gal.Yes, I was having a bad week. Don't we all. So moving on from there, here is a perfect illustration of why I actually enjoy being single ... despite what the mood swings may indicate.Without question, the one thing I do … [Read more...]