Good Catholic Fiction That Isn’t So … Catholic?

oh my what is this shit I'm reading

... I've always wanted to write a book. A modern day collection of cautionary tales for young people offering up anecdotes from my own life. Hey kids, you don't want to end up like your crazy Auntie Kat. But I fear what ever I compose might not be suitable for Catholic publishing's delicate sensibilities.Why, oh why is Catholic publishing so boring and sanitized?Just today I got a catalog in the mail from a publishing company, that shall remain nameless, whose collection of works … [Read more...]



... That is all. … [Read more...]

National Book Lovers Day…


... I think there's a holiday for everything. This one I'll gladly celebrate. In honor of the day let's talk about books; books we love, books we read over and over, books that profoundly shaped us, or even books that we are currently reading. Tell me why you love books.On my bedside is H.V Morton's, A Traveller in Italy. Morton, in my opinion, is the best travel writer ever. He weaves history, anecdotes, and culture into such a descriptive tapestry you are instantly transported to the … [Read more...]

Cover of JK Rowling’s New Book Unveiled…


I'll admit it. I'm curious to read it. … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones, and the real reason I have an aversion to fantasy fiction…

it's not Halloween

... I've never been much of a fan of fantasy fiction mostly because the stories are made up of people whose names I can't pronounce; stupid Nordic, elfish sounding names with too many vowels and unnecessary "y"s living in some pseudo-medieval time, that have a genealogy longer and more dry than a phone book. I can never keep up with who sired who in the House of Whatever from the regal blood line of Lord Whosit. There's that and [whisper] the other thing. Sometimes the fans of this type of genre … [Read more...]

Bibliophiles, a question for you…

Jesus wants you to buy this book

... Leah Libresco asks, "... what’s the first book you’d recommend to someone on the other side to open up a conversation to get them to eventually switch teams?"Ms. Libresco's question is open to all religions affiliations but for the sake of my Papist sensibilities lets remain focused on Catholicism. And you only get to chose one. Also, I would be interested to know what the first book the converts and reverts read about the Church that sent them swimming the Tiber.I'll go first. … [Read more...]

pop-fiction, the Hunger Games, and how trashy teen-lit kills reading…

pop fiction

... The Hunger Games is the next big thing apparently. I first learned of the books last year when a friend of mine was raving about how much she and her daughter enjoyed the series. Color me cautious, I didn't share her enthusiasm then and still remain skeptical that it's just another series looking to profit off the teen-lit phenomenon.I mean clearly the Twilight series proved intellectually beneficial to young readers...When it comes to children's and young adult literature I … [Read more...]

fun stuff, gifts for the bibliophile…

... for your favorite bibliophile, artist Jane Mount sells original works of art titled "Ideal Bookshelf". You can commission a custom 8 x 8 print of your favorite titles at her etsy shop.I saw this article at Garden & Gun, which a subscription to would make an awesome present as well.Also, here is a video trailer for Lane Smith's It's A Book book.Yay for books. … [Read more...]