Eat, Pray, Read…


What I am reading...The Book Thief Casar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog The Eucharist and the Rosary: Mystery, Meditation, Power, Prayer by Matt Swaim White Trash CookingWhat I am fixing...Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cake (for my son's 11th birthday) Hoppin' John and collards (traditional Southern New Year's food for good luck) Roscòn de Reyes or Three King's Cake for Twelfth NightWhat I am doing...Not taking the Christmas tree down prematurely. … [Read more...]

Pot Pies That Won’t Kill You…


... I cooked something that didn't suck. It's a Christmas miracle. Since no one died of food poisoning or got violent diarrhea I deem the recipe worthy enough to share. I think I'll call it ...USING ALL THE LEFTOVERS IN YOUR REF & STICKING IT IN A PIE ... WITH BUTTER.IngredientsLeftover meat (I used the remains of the Christmas turkey carcass) Frozen Veggies (whatever's in there getting freezer burn) Potatoes (I like the small yellow potatoes because they cook better than … [Read more...]

Slow Cook All The Things…


... I got a new crock pot for Christmas! I'm so excited. Gone all the days of shriveled meat pucks and cereal for dinner. I still might start that cooking blog, Burnt Offerings. My mind is wild with endless dinner possibilities, although I've never cooked anything other than chili in my old crock pot. Beans are cheap, see.I made a plea on facebook to share with me some of your favorite slow cooker recipes and resources. Of course Simcha pointed out that you can turn a crock pot into a … [Read more...]

Remember that time when I cooked Thanksgiving dinner…


... Yeah, well all those sticks of butter were sacrificed, sadly, for this.Sad casseroles that no one would eat. … [Read more...]

Brace yourself, I am going to cook this Thanksgiving…


... Get poison control on speed dial and hide yo' butter cause I'm making three, yes three, Paula Deen recipes.Every year it's an on going controversy in my family... if you make stuffing why do you need mashed potatoes? It's too much starch. Funny, how I'm worrying about too many carbs but am on board with stopping the flow of blood to my heart by consuming unholy amounts of butter. What's on the menu, you ask.Turkey, of course. Deviled eggs, biscuits, stuffing, sweet potato … [Read more...]

if I started a cooking blog it would be called ‘Burnt Offerings’…


... because cooking is hard. It's a minor miracle I haven't died of scurvy or malnutrition yet. If I ever get re-married I need to find one of those patient and understanding types of men to say soothing and comforting things to me ...I burned a roast in the crock pot. I'm actually amazed at my own culinary ineptitude. How can you burn anything in a crock pot? A crock pot is almost magical - insert meat, switch on, come home from work 8 hours later, eat juicy meat.This is clearly a … [Read more...]