A little Potpourri of Popery to start the weekend off right…


I can understand why parents want the Pope to kiss their babies. So they can brag, "Little Tommy was kissed by the Pope; he won't do drugs when he grows up. Little Max was only kissed by a deacon when he was an infant, so who knows with him." But politicians? Yeah, what's the deal with having politicians kissing babies?Oh, and Happy belated birthday, Msgr. Gänswein. I got you something really nice but I'm waiting to deliver it in person. … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi…

corpus christi

Related Links: This Great Sacrament We Hail: 2 Eucharistic Hymns by Thomas Aquinas for Corpus Christi, Fish Eaters - Corpus Christi, and Orvieto and the Feast of Corpus Christi. … [Read more...]

logistically impossible to hug all the nuns but hugging a Pope might prove to be more practical…


... Oh! Em! Gee! Pope Benedict is coming to Philly in 2015. Philly is practically within arms reach!Oooo. Oooo. And I bet he'll have a few of the boys with him and Gorgeous George too. Better start setting aside some bail money. Good thing I got that attorney on retainer.PHILADELPHIA — Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia welcomed the decision by Pope Benedict XVI to hold the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia as a moment of “grace” that will provide an important o … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict – causing me to reevaluate my genuine dislike of the feline species..

pope cat1

I don't know if this one is photoshopped too, but I definitely see kitsch potential in the theme... Pope Benedict with kitties. … [Read more...]

potpourri of popery…

pope cat

I didn't know Pope Benedict had a kitty. I may need to reevaluate my very low opinion of cats. For the most part my cat treats me like a piece of heated furniture and my house is his hotel. As far as cats go; however, mine is the perfect cat - if there were such a thing. He stays outside all day so I don't even own a litter box. We named him Benedict but I might as well call him meat-stick; it's not like they come when they're called.Edited to add: Apparently I've been clueless to the … [Read more...]

Today is Swiss Guard Day…

Oooo la la

... To celebrate I intend to stalk them on Facebook. Or maybe I'll just make a "Can't hug all the Swiss Guards" video instead.More: Los guardias suizos del Papa estrenan web, fan page en Facebook y canal en YouTube; Pope to Swiss Guards- The Secret of Your Work in the Vatican is Constant Reference to Christ; Pope Meets With Swiss Guard. … [Read more...]

Habemus Papam – seven years ago today…

More coverage from SQPN and Rome Reports.Seven years ago today I watched Pope Benedict XVI become the 265th Pontiff. I was at work watching the coverage on a small black and white TV set up at my desk. I'm not sure why I didn't just have it streaming online - there was internet 7 years ago right? Maybe I didn't know about EWTN or Catholic media since I was still in RCIA. I guess I didn't have access to top secret Vatican websites only privy to full fledged card carrying Papists or … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict…


"I am facing the final leg of the path of my life and I don't know what's ahead," Pope Benedict said in his birthday homily. "I know though that God's light is there ... and that his light is stronger than every darkness."Email your birthday wishes to Pope Benedict, auguri.benedettoxvi@vatican.va. … [Read more...]

potpourri of Popery…

potpourri of popery

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