Diocese of Charlotte Like A Boss…


... Our diocese has gotten a lot of undeserved negative press these past few months. It seems her biggest critics are local disengaged Catholics and people outside the diocese who have the loudest opinions on matters they know little of.Fine. Let them squawk. People will only see what they want to see. Sadly, in some cases, all they will see is the negative because it's what they seek.My prospective is different. I've witnessed the positive changes in our diocese first hand; the … [Read more...]

Small Comforts and Happy Deaths – the passing of Seminarian Michael Kitson…


... Remember that time I had a heart attack in church, right smack dab in the middle of the mass? At the time the only thing I wanted to do was get through the mass and receive Holy Communion. If the Lord was going to take me, I wanted to at least be in the closest state of grace as humanly possible.A happy death.It seems so strange to equate death with happiness, especially for the family and loved ones left behind to mourn their loss. I'm sure for those, whose grief is fresh, it … [Read more...]