Church Universal – Igbo Mass in Diocese of Charlotte…


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500 Year Old Madonna Processes Down the Tiber for Festa de’ Noantri…


... the Festa de' Noantri brings Mary down the Tiber and by the Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere with a welcoming of fireworks.Fireworks for Mary over Santa Maria in Trastevere.— Mountain Butorac (@CatholicTravel) July 27, 2014A five hundred year old Mary just arrived by boat on the Tiber. Now processing through Trastevere.— Mountain Butorac (@CatholicTravel) July 27, 2014More about the Festa de' Noantri … [Read more...]

Taong Putik – A Philippines Tradition Celebrating John the Baptist…


... because Church Universal.In the Philippines, as in other Catholic countries, June 24 is observed as the feast day of Saint John the Baptist. The day offers an excuse to engage in revelry such as dousing water on unwary people.In Aliaga, Nueva Ecija, in Barangay Bibiclat, hundreds of devotees of the village's patron saint, John the Baptist, transform themselves into "mud people" -- literally "taong putik." The locals call the ritual Pagsa-San Juan. Outsiders call it the Taong … [Read more...]