9 Out of 10 Miserable Feminists Hate the New Cinderella…

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... What exactly is it about the new Cinderella remake, starring Cate Blanchett, Lily James, and Richard Madden, that has so many self described feminists in an uproar?Tiny waists, oppressive fashion, and handsome Princes.Is outrage!I mean there really was so much to love about the re-make, that I can't imagine missing it for all the indignation.Instead of seeing a beautifully done film with stunning visual imagery, they saw corseted waists and beat their breasts. … [Read more...]

Antonio Banderas to Play Pope Francis in Film…


... Yes, that's right. A movie about Pope Francis, the pope who's only a mere fourteen months into his papacy.ROME (RNS) Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas may be cast in the role of Pope Francis in the first feature film to be made on the life of the Argentine pontiff.Italian director Daniele Luchetti plans to make the $12 million Spanish language film, titled “Call Me Francesco,” with producer Pietro Valsecchi, who has made some of Italy’s highest-grossing movies. Valsecchi’s Rom … [Read more...]