UPDATED — The Mob Gets What The Mob Wants – Sister Jane Dominic Laurel Takes Sabbatical…


*Scroll down for updates posted 4/9/14 @ 1 p.m and for Bishop Jugis's statement 4/10/14.... One final update on the shameful incident here in Charlotte.Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel is on sabbatical and all her future talks have been cancelled. Some have speculated she's been thrown under a bus and shipped off to a re-education camp, and it certainly sounds like it. Well maybe not the re-education camp part, but it doesn't appear she's getting much support from Aquinas College. … [Read more...]

The Handy Dandy Holiday Guide To Christmas Music…


... Ah, the Christmas season. That wonderful time of year where our auditory organs are about to be assaulted with the shittiest, most sentimental musical garbage ever to be composed since Marty Haugen took up liturgical music. It's as if Thomas Kinkade decided to be a musician.Below I've composed a handy dandy musical guide for your holiday delight because I know from experience, some things just can't be unheard.Songs that are NOT Christmas Music...Mary Did You Know - not … [Read more...]

In case you ever wanted to go to Asheville NC, don’t! Unless you enjoy a day at the circus. In that case, it’s cheaper than flying to Berkeley…

This guy reading Ayn Rand in the park - complete with ironic shoes and rat tail

... But don't take my word. I got photographic evidence.Photos by Digital Hairshirt, from our weekend adventures. Occupy Asheville and Occupy Charlotte coming soon. … [Read more...]