So You Want To Be A Blogger…

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... Answering reader email.Dear Crescat,I started a blog a few months ago and already I'm struggling with staying motivated and finding fresh material to write about. I heard some writers have certain rituals or routines. I've also been told it's important to keep a designated writing space available. What's your creative space look like?Sincerely, Bummed BloggerDear Bummed,My designated writing space is anywhere in my home where the wifi reception isn't interrupted by … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should I Try Online Dating Sites…

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... It's holiday party season time. You know what that means? 'Tis the season to be constantly reminded that I am alone. Always alone. As if I could forget.Alone at mass...and at social gatherings.Alone.Google ads and evil email spam bots started targeting me over two months ago -- join today and reserve your 33% off discount to, click here to activate your free trial of, or try the #1 dating site for singles now at … [Read more...]

How To Make Prayer Fun and Less Chore Like for Kids…


... Dear Catholic Parent,You can't. Next question.Seriously, why do we give our kids chores?Because we are sadistic and enjoy their misery? Free child labor? We find their whines pleasing to the ear?OK, maybe a little.No, we give our kids chores because it teaches them responsibility. It teaches them that they are functioning members of a family and they serve a purpose.So get rid of the notion that chores are bad.Another trend I notice is that parents like … [Read more...]

Encountering Hate Online…


... Hate mail is a funny thing.Whenever I receive it, like this morning, I always wonder two things.One - Does the sender actually think hate filled words from a total stranger are supposed to mean something to me?And two - what emotional sickness fuels a person to take the time to write another human being they've never met and wish them harm? What inner darkness stirs such an action?Most hate mail I simply dismiss. You're free to write me and bless me out all the live … [Read more...]

Typical Misconceptions Single People Have About Married Life…


... I am often amused by the question “how do you do it alone?”The answer is, I don’t.I have my faith, family, and friends that help me get through the more difficult and overwhelming times. Same as anybody else. It’s funny how people assume just because you aren’t married you are alone.On the flip side of that coin is the inaccurate assumption made by single people that married individuals are immune to loneliness. The truth no one is completely immune from bouts of loneliness in … [Read more...]