Easter Liturgies Behaving Badly – Berkeley, CA …

Oooooooo Holy now

... I really enjoyed Joseph Susanka's Lenten Music series. I hope he follows it up with an Easter Music Series. The Catholic Church really has so much sensory beauty to enjoy - art, music, architecture etc.Hmm. This gives me the idea to start an Easter series of my own, beginning with yesterday's post, titled "Easter Liturgies Behaving Badly."I keep going back to the 1:55 mark to watch that one guy prance across the frame. It's so magical and fills me with hearty laughter. … [Read more...]

Happy Easter y’all…

get it out of my eyes and ears

... My Easter gift to you all. Because I am a giver.There was a time when I seriously considered moving to Seattle. Emphasis on was.I know, I know. Easter mass is long, and crowded, and you have to park miles away and get there an hour early to camp out in the pews because of the Chreasters. But just know, somewhere in Seattle someone suffered infinitely more.They should be giving out golden tickets to heaven for making it through that liturgy. … [Read more...]