Women having a terrible time at parties in Western art…


... because Fine Art Friday."If she plays another f*cking organ recital I will literally die right f*cking here."But wait, there's more. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Fine Art Friday…


... My good friend, Colin, recently wrote a post about his ten favorite paintings. Each painting he chose moved him in some fashion and left a lasting impression.Which in turn got me thinking about the works of art in my own life that I've experienced. I say "experienced" because that is exactly what I did. Certain works move us beyond seeing. They are felt and stamped in our memories.Below is my list of the ten most influential works of art that were responsible for indelibly shaping … [Read more...]

Mary’s Queenship Beautifully Represented by Veronese, Botticelli, Sirani and Velázquez…


... Today's Fine Art Friday celebrates the Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.The faithful, under the guidance of an unerring Catholic instinct, have ever recognized the queenly dignity of the Mother of "The King of kings and Lord of lords": the Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, Popes, down through the centuries, have given authoritative expression to this truth and the crowning testimony to this common belief is to be found clearly expressed in the wonders of art and in … [Read more...]

Fine Art Friday…


Mary Cassatt, Spanish Dancer Wearing A Lace Mantilla … [Read more...]

St. Ann, St. Ann Find Me A Man…

Carlo Saraceni, Madonna and Child with St. Ann and angel.

... Or so the ditty goes. But St. Ann is good for other stuff too, you know.She is the patroness of mothers and grandmothers, unmarried women, women in labor, infertile women, housewives, miners, and cabinet makers.Yesterday started the Novena to St. Ann and my plan was to post this then, my apologies. However, it's OK to just pick up now and follow along for the rest of the novena.St. Anne Novena, Day OneGreat Saint Anne, engrave indelibly on my heart and in my mind the … [Read more...]

Fine Art Friday…


... Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff, The Flower Seller. … [Read more...]

Fine Art Friday…


George Hendrik Breiner, The Earing C. 1893 … [Read more...]

Fine Art Friday…


... I feel I'm in desperate need of a palate cleanser from the nastiness I've witnessed and endured all week. Not just on the internet, but in my everyday life and at work.Everybody's hot, cranky and fight-y.The only way to combat all the ugliness is to sit for awhile in beauty.Sit in it. Soak it up. Focus on the finer details...Anton Raphael Mengs, Dream of St. JosephTurn up your speakers and take it all in...Sit awhile with me here, in the stillness of … [Read more...]

Ecce Homo..


Mateo Cerezo, the Younger c. 1665 Oil on Canvas Located in the Szépmûvészeti Múzeum, Budapest … [Read more...]