Friday 3 For 1 …


... Three Friday themes in one post. Because I'm lazy and junk. Fillion Friday Flag Day Friday Fine Art Friday Also, a step by step study of this beautiful painting; Essence of Lavender by Bryce Cameron Liston. Click on the image to see the enlarged and full painting. I have cropped it here because of the flack I get from readers who are offended by nudity in art. Warning: the subject is nude with her back to the viewer. Double Warning: If this offends you … [Read more...]

Feel Good Friday…


.... I'm not speaking to Nathan Fillion anymore. He has been replaced by 'Feel Good Friday', a warm and fuzzy feature of good news and much needed respite from my typical snark and cynicism. It was either this or start smoking again. First Grader Born With No Hands Wins Penmanship Award After accepting the award, Annie demonstrated for the audience how she writes, gripping the pencil steadily between her forearms to perfect the letters and capitalization. “She is a studious and … [Read more...]