sometimes the blog posts almost write themselves…

... take this bit of news off the wire; Liberal Ladies Out To Lunch go on a seven day sex strike. Merciful heavens! No fornication for SEVEN whole days?! It boggles the mind and shrivels the ovaries. Some how I think our nation's men will manage.Glaring irony missed in their precious attempts at political activism; exploiting their own vaginas as a bargaining tool to gain a desired result, and demand I keep my rosaries off their ovaries but pay for their abortifacients.The group … [Read more...]

Uganda isn’t the only place invisible children exist…

But I thought I was being an activist

...Invisible Children is everywhere. It may be a worthy cause, or not, but color me a bit confused.The points used in their video sound a little familiar. Oh so very familiar. In fact they are same ones used by pro-life advocates for decades now. In their video, already viewed by more than 72 million people, Invisible Children tells the viewer "where a child is born shouldn't determine if a child lives." To which I say, where and under what circumstances they are conceived shouldn't … [Read more...]