I Hate Flowers…


... I hate flowers. Specifically, I hate those overpriced bouquets that professional florists sell. You know the ones that costs a hundred dollars and look about as natural as a Thomas Kinkade painting.The most beautiful bunch of flowers I ever saw was a handful of wildflowers picked off the side of the road from one of those state sponsored government beautification initiatives. I am pretty sure it's illegal to pick them, but damn, those were some mighty pretty flowers.Anyway. … [Read more...]

Cohabitation is a smack in the face …


... Working in real estate affords me a candid peek into different types of living arrangements, many of which are considered unconventional. You'd think I'd be used to some things having been in this business close to a decade. But I will never ever get used to the well meaning parents who casually co-sign for their children to cohabitate with their significant others. That, that right there blows my mind.I cannot even begin to count the number of bright young girls who've sat at this desk … [Read more...]