A Terrible Mother’s Holiday Guide to Dangerous Gifts…


... I am terrible mother, with little regard for my son's safety. I let him play outside after dark, armed with nothing more than a flashlight. For birthdays and Christmas, I buy him things like knives and duct tape. He is routinely left unsupervised in the yard.I am a terrible mother, with little regard for my son's social development. A teacher once referred to him as "socially naive" because he didn't get cultural references made from television and pop music. Most people own a TV for … [Read more...]

Featured Vendor – Mark S. Abeln Photography…

"The Apotheosis of Saint Louis" - The bronze sculpture depicting Saint Louis IX, King of France, and is located atop Art Hill in front of the Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park.

... Looking for something beautiful to decorate your walls? Then let me introduce you to the photography of a long time friend, Mark S. Abeln. You might be familiar with his blog, Rome of the West, where he features a lot of his fantastic work. Breathtaking stuff like this and the image below. I rather like this photo of The Apotheosis of St. Louis. It's very handsome and would look quite manly matted and framed on some library wall.Personally, I love his floral photography. The … [Read more...]

Featured Vendor – Trendy Traditions Rosaries…

Groom's rosary

... Hey Catholic vendors, are you offering Christmas deals, discounts, free shipping or two-fer specials that you'd like more people to know about? Let me help. In an effort to keep spending local and papist let me feature your wares here on my blog.Today I want to feature my favorite rosary maker, Melanie Gillespie, who makes wonderfully unique and personalized rosaries. As you can see she's a real live Catholic mom raising a big Catholic family and not some faceless company selling junk … [Read more...]