Sunday, I’ve taken you for granted. I’m sorry…


... Dear Sunday,It's not you. It's me.I completely understand why you left and I don't blame you, Sunday. I treated you terribly, like you were no different than the other days of the week. You used to be special to me and than I started to take you for granted. I would have left too.It's no secret that our relationship soured when I began seeing Saturday.Saturday was casual and effortless. I didn't have too try hard for Saturday. Saturday was conveniently there whenever I … [Read more...]

How To Fail At Being A Good Catholic…

... It doesn't happen overnight. It takes years of careful cultivation to turn a parish from Christ Centered to Congregation Centered. Years of self congratulatory applause during mass and spoon fed homilies appealing to our human desire to feel warm and fuzzy. What took years to create hopefully won't take as equally long to undo. The priest charged with refocusing a Congregation Centered church faces the challenge of resistant parishioners. I'll use a recent ugly exchange between myself and … [Read more...]


I recognize that look... it's the look of someone who's about to get their hand stabbed if they don't remove it from my doughnut.

... I am terrible at Lent. I never seem to get it right. I can't stick to what I've given up or remain dedicated to what I've promised to do. The best I can muster is reading a book relating to Lent and a fish fry or two. Terrible, I know. I can not even cultivate a proper penitential atmosphere on my blog that so many others seem to do. But I will try though. There's merit in effort I've heard. At least I pray there is.Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and I am going to do what I typically do this … [Read more...]