Those Unfriendly Catholics…

beacuse you're a miserable grouch that's why

... One time I was at mass when a friend interrupted my prayer to chat me up. I was like, "Really lady, leave me alone. I don't come to mass to be all social and junk. Mass is about Jesus, get away from me, can't you see I'm praying here?"Fast forward a few months later and I'm complaining, "Gee, Catholics sure are an unfriendly bunch. No one even says hello anymore. These people suck."See, the problem we have with church is rarely actually about the Church, the parish, or even … [Read more...]

Sunday, I’ve taken you for granted. I’m sorry…


... Dear Sunday,It's not you. It's me.I completely understand why you left and I don't blame you, Sunday. I treated you terribly, like you were no different than the other days of the week. You used to be special to me and than I started to take you for granted. I would have left too.It's no secret that our relationship soured when I began seeing Saturday.Saturday was casual and effortless. I didn't have too try hard for Saturday. Saturday was conveniently there whenever I … [Read more...]