What Poor People are Deserving of …

Is this poor enough looking for ya'?

... Let's talk about poverty. Or rather, what poor people deserve.The minute you start talking about charity (money, gov't subsidies, church donations, handouts etc.) for the poor an amazing thing happens.People immediately start to critique the poor's worthiness."But people on welfare have TV's, so they don't deserve food!"It would seem that poor people deserve no common comforts and should be punished with an utterly barren life.Or new blouses. Poor women don't deserve … [Read more...]

What Can We Learn From Novenas…


... I made it through two whole novenas and suddenly I'm the expert. Neat how that works.This past novena to St. Ann taught me several things about payer in general. The main thing it taught me was that I was doing prayer, for the most part, wrong. Or rather, imperfectly.I was approaching novenas in a very methodical manner, much the same way I approach my regular prayer.Here, Lord, are my prayers for this particular thing. Please grant my wish. Amen. Oh, PS. God, you're an … [Read more...]

Toni Braxton Joins Growing List of Celebrities Speaking Out After Their Abortions…


... I suspect stories like this will start to become more commonplace.At least I hope they do.Not to mean that I enjoy reading about women struggling with the guilt and depression associated with being post-abortive. I mean that I hope more women who have a wide audience and the public's attention, like Hollywood celebrities, will start speaking out against abortion with regularity.When they share their painful stories it is a powerful witness. With each new headline the curtain … [Read more...]

Popping the emotional cork off of being raised fatherless…


... I had absolutely no intention of writing about fathers five days before Mother's Day but what choice did I have after having seen this video in a friend's facebook feed. I forgot how growing up without a father used to really piss me off.For every mother or father that is not directly involved in their child lives there sits a confused, angry child who grows up believing they are unlovable. Why don't they want me? Why doesn't mom or dad love me enough to be here, right now with … [Read more...]

Typical Misconceptions Single People Have About Married Life…


... I am often amused by the question “how do you do it alone?”The answer is, I don’t.I have my faith, family, and friends that help me get through the more difficult and overwhelming times. Same as anybody else. It’s funny how people assume just because you aren’t married you are alone.On the flip side of that coin is the inaccurate assumption made by single people that married individuals are immune to loneliness. The truth no one is completely immune from bouts of loneliness in … [Read more...]

Nothing is private on the internet and we are all judging you…


... I just can't take it anymore. It has to be said.Young people... use your brains and quit abusing the internet. Consider your online presence and reputation, and know the internet is forever. Also, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Oh, and actions have consequences.Here, let me help you.DON'T...1) When applying for a job or rental property, don't use an email that contains slang terms, drug references, or sexual innuendos. Your friends might find your email address … [Read more...]