“For the good of souls, Nancy Pelosi must be denied Holy Communion and the Catholic people should be informed that she is being denied Holy Communion.”


... I am quoting Fr. Z in the above title, but I must say that if this very moment Archbishop Niederauer and Cardinal Wuerl decided to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi or deny her Communion I would stand up and loudly cheer with joy. Hell, I may even dance in place.And you can call me nasty or un-Christian for doing so all you want - but you'd be dead wrong.Warning: I am about to say "hell" a lot.First lets examine what it means when someone is excommunicated and denied Holy Communion. … [Read more...]

I hate always being right…


... Breaking News: Koman reverses decision on Planned Parenthood grantsA short lived victory with an utterly disappointing and predictable end.Why, SGK Foundation, why? You should have stuck to your guns. You've lost all credibility now. Neither side will ever trust you again. It's a shame, really. You did do legitimate good. Alas, no more.Updated 4:55pm[EST]: But wait, there's more ... let's take a nice deep breath. Is SGK really caving?However, my thinking falls along the … [Read more...]

and because I’m feeling especially silly today, The Pope meets a rare Cuban crocodile at his general audience…


... "Among those attending this morning's general audience with the Holy Father were staff of the zoological park in Rome (the "Bioparco"), which is currently celebrating its centenary. They brought with them a rare live specimen of the Cuban crocodile, to represent the 1,200 animals which live in the park and as a sign of the environmental protection and education work the structure carries out.The Cuban crocodile, is classified as an endangered species." Full Story.Above image … [Read more...]

A makeover. It needs to be razed and salted…


... Remember this thing, the monster of Stazione Termini in Rome? Well, it's getting a 'makeover'. I know it's just a makeover but at least it's a small recognition that the thing is ugly and looks more like Mussolini than Bl. John Paul II. What ever happened to making art look like stuff, recognizable stuff, not all this lazy abstract conceptual garbage? Oh... because that would require real skill and talent. … [Read more...]

engaging all the senses during liturgy, a new look at incense…


... The use of incense in mass is more than pomp and meaningless ritual, as you may already be aware. Let your prayers rise up the smoke to the Heavens. Incense is also more than something that just smells nice and serves the more practical purpose of masking the stench of unwashed peasantry - as some claim. It apparently can also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety."An international team of scientists, including researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew … [Read more...]

The Church has a new Cardinal…

Wait. What?

"Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, who has led the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York for nearly three years, will be named a cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican announced on Friday.The Archdiocese of New York is widely considered the spiritual heart of the American church. It counts about 2.6 million Catholics in a sprawling jurisdiction that includes includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and several suburban counties.“As a kid, I just wanted to be a parish priest,” the car … [Read more...]

I have adverse reactions to modern art too, but not quite to this extent…


"A 36-year-old woman was accused of causing $10,000 worth of damage to a painting by the late abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still, a work valued at more than $30 million, authorities said on Wednesday.A police report said Carmen Tisch punched and scratched the painting, an oil-on-canvas called "1957-J no.2", at the recently opened Clyfford Still museum in Denver and pulled her pants down to slide her buttocks against it." Full Story. … [Read more...]

I read the news today, oh boy…

... Don't you love how mainstream media exhibits the highest journalistic integrity and gets their facts straight, presenting all the pertinent information to the public?What wait?Interestingly, WaPo, BBC, and CNN all failed to mention one bit of crucial information, that Nordine Amrani is a Moroccan born Muslim. The only thing all the news sources seem to go through great pains to point out is that this was not a terrorist incident.Contrast this with the media coverage of the … [Read more...]