R is For “Random” and “Racism” …


... If Obama had a grandfather would he look like WWII veteran Delbert Belton? Or if Obama's half white side had a son would he look like Chris Lane?No. Empatic no. It doesn't fit Obama's race baiting narrative.These two recent crimes are not being handled or reported for what they are... hate crimes. In this effed up world a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is a hate crime that requires sensitivity training. But when black teens senselessly beat an elderly white man (which, btw, … [Read more...]

Prayers for Egypt …


... Pray for Egypt. Pray hard. I figure now is as good a time as any to spread devotion to St. James Matamoros (the Moor slayer) and The Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary.The appellation “Matamoros” comes from the legend of Clavijo’s Battle, where he led the discouraged Christian troops to a smashing victory against the Mohammedans. King Ramiro I defeated the troops of Abd ar-Rahman II at the Battle of Clavijo with the assistance of a knight on a white horse who fought by his sid … [Read more...]

Russians Having Fun. Is Outrage …


Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has urged Russians to have less fun and spend more of their free time in seclusion.On July 11, Kirill said there was "more fun than needed" in the life of Russians.He said people spent a lot of their energy working and should occupy their time in isolated, quiet places instead of celebrating during their vacations. [Source]Pope Francis states long faces can't proclaim Jesus. Patriarch Kirill is unimpressed. Slavic Christianity is genetically dour. … [Read more...]

Sex Reassignment Surgery For Children? Two Words… CHILD ABUSE.

Someone should take this child out of their home

... And here are two more; medical malpractice. But mostly, child abuse.From Daily Mail, an old article that is getting a lot of circulation in social media right now but is still vile and horrific; The Little Boy Who Started A Sex Change At Eight Years of Age Because His Lesbian Parents Always Knew He Wanted To Be A GirlThe lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to … [Read more...]

No Mercy For You, Says Mosque to Boston Bomber’s Family…


... The Soup Nazi would be proud.American authorities have told the family that they can have Tsarnaev’s body, and an uncle approached the mosque to request a burial and funeral but was declined, said the aunt, Patimat Suleimanova.She said that she did not know the name of the mosque but that it was one the family attended. A mosque in Cambridge, Mass., has said that Tsarnaev attended and occasionally caused disruptions and that mosque leaders threatened to kick him out. A s … [Read more...]

I don’t do earth day…

I will never understand how people can weep over a "dead" tree and then celebrate the destruction of human life in the womb. Or how these same uber militant environmentalists think nothing of polluting the water supply and their bodies with chemically manufactured cancer causing abortificants. The same thing applies to Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO in food, bad. GMO in the human gene pool, scientific progress.I have no patience for hippies and their contradictory mentality. … [Read more...]

In Today’s News That Never Was…


... News That Never Was; highlighted news items ignored by the politically bias, liberal agenda driven mainstream media.Gay Connecticut Couple On Trial For Raping Their Adopted Children... media outrage? Nope. Crickets.I'm less outraged over the media's blind eye than I am about the fact that they almost entered a plea deal* that would have given them both probation instead jail time. Can you believe it?! Two grown men stand accused* of raping their adopted child and some judge is OK … [Read more...]

Sowing Seeds of Doubt, Darth Vader Is Not Impressed…


... My word. You'd never know it's still Easter, the most joyous liturgical time of the year, and that Lent was over judging by all the wailing and gnashing of teeth.I've had to give up reading some of my most favorite blogs. The stink of the novusordoist disease is everywhere and there's nowhere to go? Pope Francis is destroying the Church? The very idea exudes a heartbreaking lack of hope and Catholics are anything but hopeless.Please, stop it. Everyone. Just stop. The spiritual … [Read more...]

epic fail for pro-abortion troll…


... Abolish Human Abortion FTW.To learn more about being an Abolitionists visit Abolish Human Abortion. … [Read more...]