Oh look, she’s asking for money again…


... In other news. I'm poor. Depressingly so. In your charity please see the go fund me page I set up to help me replace the gorilla glued, rust bucket I've been driving around.If you were looking for charitable causes this Lent; charitable cause right here.Yeah it sucks. It's tacky and I feel like as ass for having to do this but if you're poor, living paycheck to paycheck, you understand the idea of having a savings is laughable.It's just me, taking care of my son and my … [Read more...]

Using Gay People as a Commodity…


... Stephanie Richer, the Digital Hairshirt, asks a very interesting question.Seriously, does anyone think marketing fast food based on sexual orientation is appropriate? If you are gay, do you feel that lately you have become less of a person and more of a brand, or commodity?Just stick a rainbow on it and call it Pride and sell it to gays, who judging from their reactions in this video, actually believe that Burger King - a corporation - cares about them. For what? To sell … [Read more...]