Take a Mini Lenten Internet Retreat…

street performer

... Joseph Susanka, over at Summa This Summa That, has a really great series of Lenten music. It's like taking a mini internet retreat.Take a moment to let your soul get stirred.The Poor Rebec Player, by José Rodrigues c.1855 (public domain)Other good stuff on the internet, Read the Summa in a year... for free.See, the interwebs isn't all evil. … [Read more...]

Look at me, I’m so holy with my ashes and my fasting…

put it in my face

... So it's Lent. I guess that means I'm obligated to write something on the topic. Oh, joy. Wait, I mean "Oh, suffering."I suck at Lent. In fact, I suck at most of these religious traditions and seasonal times of the year. I wasn't raised Catholic so it doesn't come naturally for me as it does for others. Plus I have a hard enough time maintaining any level of holiness throughout the rest of the year, in case you haven't noticed. Now you want me to do some extra piety? Here, let me just … [Read more...]

Digital Lent …


The kids with their apps and fancy smart phones.Did you know reminders to pray and abstain from meat can be delivered right to your phone? Isn't technology amazing?Here's four suggested apps from NCR. Magnificat Magazine also has a downloadable app but I'm sort of partial to Focus's Lentsanity campaign. It's quirky and visually entertaining.What's that you say? You don't own a smart phone. Don't worry, neither do I. I prefer old school, daily email reminders delivered to my … [Read more...]

Does This Sackcloth Make Me Look Fat…

Asking for seconds?! You're not trying hard enough.

... Happy Ash Wednesday.Er. Have a great penitential Lent, maybe? Happy suffering, y'all.I got my ashes.What? Can you prove I didn't?I believe the ash under bangs phenomenon is referred to as the "Unsolved Mystery".So do you have it all planned out yet, or are you like me, typically still scrambling for last minute Lenten ideas? Give up all the things!Actually, for the first time in several years I have a clear idea of what I am going to do and what I … [Read more...]