Why I’m not up in arms over Planned Parenthood’s 40 days of “prayer”…

your lame attempts at hipness and piety make me giggle

... I just don't give a rip, to do so would give their efforts a credence they don't deserve. Yeah, it's in poor taste - a obvious distortion and mockery of the 40 Days For Life campaign - but when has Planned Parenthood ever acted in good taste? They are never going to "stay classy".I mean, really... look at these guys.Pathetic and laughable; certainly not anything Satanic. Again, that would suggest their prayers would be in the slightest bit effective. Which they aren't. … [Read more...]

Cardinal Dolan beats Cecile “I Kill Babies” Richards in Times 100 most influential people. Feminist seethe…


... Despite laughable efforts like this*, Cardinal "My President" Dolan came in 16th in Times 100 Most Influential People; even beating out Barack "Determined to Destroy America" Obama.Click here to view poll results.To commemorate the occasion, dear Maggie has composed a jaunty little poem for your enjoyment...They seem me Dolan They hatin They legislatin Tryin to make me violate my conscienceBut they catch me ridin holy But they catch me ridin holy But they catch … [Read more...]

overwhelmingly helpless and dependent, just the way the gov’t likes us…

What is this work, of which you speak?

... "Up to 30 people were pepper-sprayed by police after students tried to storm a Santa Monica College trustee board meeting in protest over proposed higher course fees."The students were chanting, "No cuts, no fees, education should be free".Education should be free.Free, because teachers don't deserve a salary. Free, because it doesn't cost a dime to maintain the school's infrastructure and facilities. Yes, free. Free to make getting a college education has commonplace - … [Read more...]

Trayvon Martin™, irony, and abortion…


... Let me get this straight; it is perfectly acceptable for a mother to kill her own child via abortion but when someone else murders that child it becomes a national incident with teens rioting, death threats, intimidation, and bounties for that murder's head at prayer vigils. Oh, and we can't forget the capitalistic trademarks because righteous indignation, no matter how misguided, is a profitable business.Of course none of those actions are the same stereotypical behaviors African … [Read more...]

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”


Apparently my repeated use of the more accurate term, pro-abortion advocate, bothers those who prefer to call themselves "pro-choice".I'm not sure why. Maybe because it calls attention to the very plain and simple fact that you do indeed advocate abortion. That is the "choice" you are referring to when you label yourself pro-choice. So what is the problem? Is the truth too unpalatable?OOoooo ... I see, you advocate other choices besides abortion.Well, Ok. That's fine. So do I. I … [Read more...]

Father Marcel Guarnizo personal accounting of the events…

I support our priests

... You may recall the news regarding the lesbian Buddhist "catholic" activist who used her mother's funeral to promote her agenda and was subsequently denied communion at that funeral. Surprisingly, or not, the local archdiocese and Fr. Marcel's bishop took Ms. Johnson's side in the whole orchestrated event.The faithful were cautioned not to make any assumptions about the bishop and diocese involved without knowing Fr. Marcel's side of the story. Well, we don't have to wonder anymore. … [Read more...]

sometimes the blog posts almost write themselves…

... take this bit of news off the wire; Liberal Ladies Out To Lunch go on a seven day sex strike. Merciful heavens! No fornication for SEVEN whole days?! It boggles the mind and shrivels the ovaries. Some how I think our nation's men will manage.Glaring irony missed in their precious attempts at political activism; exploiting their own vaginas as a bargaining tool to gain a desired result, and demand I keep my rosaries off their ovaries but pay for their abortifacients.The group … [Read more...]

what was that I said…


... Oh, I remember. That I was right in supporting Fr. Marcel Guarnizo's decision to deny the lesbian Buddhist "devout Catholic" communion at her mother's funeral. I accurately called this nothing more than a blatant publicity stunt to try and paint the Church as evil gay haters.Turns out Barbara Johnson is an activist who shamelessly used her mother's funeral to promote her agenda. Nope. Didn't see that one coming. Will the media retract it's original story or at least give these new … [Read more...]

why free birth control…

Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

... Let me just put this out there for you right away. Sex is not a medical emergency. Sex is not a medical emergency. Sex is not a medical emergency. I'll put your mind at ease; you are not going to die from not having sex.However, you will die without blood pressure medications or insulin. So I ask - birth control of all things?! I mean of all the drugs out there that people actually need to survive, why something as selective as birth control. No one is going to go into heart failure, … [Read more...]