Getting All Christmas Rant-y Up in this piece…


Mary's pregnancy was not unplanned, m'kay.It was perfectly planned by God. To say that Mary's pregnancy was unplanned implies an accident of chance and diminishes Her powerful "yes" to God's will. The fact that she willingly accepted to become the Mother of God shows us that the Incarnation was not a mere unplanned event. God sought Mary's permission and she obediently accepted. There was nothing unplanned about this miraculous event at all. Capisce?And all this bosh about the Holy … [Read more...]

“Eucharist” means thanksgiving…


... But I am afraid this might be taking the meaning of the word a bit too far.Photo from Calvert Hall Prep School's facebook page.And the Baby Jesus weeps. … [Read more...]

Alternate Interview Headline; Pope Declares Himself Humble…


... What was all that cryptic tweeting about last night? Why another Pope Francis interview of course. This time with La Repubblica's founder, Eugenio Scalfari. The full text can be found here.Below you'll find some excerpts from the interview. Mr. Scalfari's questions and comments are in bold, followed by the Pope's responses. My thoughts are interjected after each block quote. However if you were to ask me to sum up the interview with a single quote it would be this -- Pope Francis … [Read more...]

Marini to be named Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship?!?!?


... Is your bar stocked? It's gonna be a long papacy.Reliable word from Rome this night, Archbishop Marini to be named Liturgy chief as prefect of CDW within days/hours. Very sad news indeed.— Liam Connolly (@lpc_1982) September 27, 2013Looking at the bright side; if the rumors prove to be true at least that Bad Vestments blog might get regularly updated now. I'll just be staying drunk till the next conclave, m'kay.Around the web: Archbishop Piero Marini: ‘Civil R … [Read more...]

There is Never a Good Reason For Liturgical Dance…


... I loathe liturgical dance with the white hot passion of a thousand burning heretics. I don't understand it's purpose other than to keep the makers of spandex unitards in business. Even more baffling is why liturgical dance has to be performed inside a Church, a sacred space. Or even worse, during the liturgy itself.I suppose if the performers did their jigs, more appropriately, in a dance hall then it couldn't technically be called liturgical dance, now could it?But that begs the … [Read more...]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful…

"Fr. Hunwicke celebrated his First Mass in the Old Rite at Brompton Oratory."

... I really don't understand all this animosity towards the Church and her liturgy. I feel like saying "don't hate us because we're beautiful". Trite sounding but yet it rings true.I wouldn't go so far as to say that those who criticize liturgical beauty hate beautiful things; I just think they don't fully understand how it's utilized within the Church. The full purpose of liturgical beauty and ritual is to physically manifest the spiritually metaphysical through the use of our senses. … [Read more...]

What does Vatican II mean to you…


... Please allow me use this visual aide to answer the above question.Now it's your turn. Take their poll and don't be shy. I'm sure they are dying to hear what orthodox Catholics really think. … [Read more...]

Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they are incapable of singing “Ave Maria”…


... When my son told me the children's choir was performing Lord of the Dance at mass this weekend I was a tab bit confused...The Boy: No, it's a real song.The Mom: Really? A song called 'Lord of the Dance'? Will there be tambourines involved?The Boy: Noooooo. Just a guitar maybe.The Mom: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Well, let's hear this 'Lord of the Dance'The Boy:♩♪♫♬ I danced in the morning when the world was begun. I danced on the moon and the stars and the sun. ♩♪♫♬ … [Read more...]

Can you guess what this is…

yes, but what is it?

... I'll give you a hint. It makes Baby Jesus cry.But wait! There's more. … [Read more...]