I start cowbell lessons this weekend…

Cowbell. Not just for feast days anymore.

... The very nature of beauty appeals to us and draws in our souls. I know it can be called liturgical snobbery to prefer the smells and bells, but these smells and bells are so much more than liturgical perfunctory actions and meaningless pomp. They serve as concrete physical reminders of something very spiritual and supernatural taking place during the mass.Example; this past weekend I invited my Unfortunate Liberal Friend to mass at my parish. This in itself is no small miracle. My … [Read more...]

what the new translation taught me…

Because nothing says "I'm here to adore you, Jesus" better than thoughtless robot responses.

... After the congregation stumbled through the mass last night, myself included, with a few "and also with your spirit" responses it became obvious that I wasn't paying hard enough attention to the mass itself. I wasn't truly present, just merely on auto-pilot.I think the start of Advent is a good time to be reminded not to spiritually take mass for granted. There was a time in my formation process during conversion where I knew all the scriptural references and symbolism involved in … [Read more...]


... I get all kinds of emails soliciting all sorts of various things Catholic in nature. Today I received this link for t-shirts designed by VestaSacra. I've never heard of them but I am really digging this little number.I'm gonna fake it to the left, and move to the right; 'Cause Pokey's too slow, and Blinky's out of sight...Damnit, now I have 'Pac-Man Fever' stuck in my head. … [Read more...]