Songs From The Civil War…


... Here's something a little different.Divided and United, out from ATO Records on November 5, is a collection of thirty-two Civil War–era compositions performed by contemporary country and bluegrass musicians who span generations—from Ralph Stanley and Dolly Parton to Jamey Johnson and Shovels & Rope. Encompassing everything from anthems to dirges, Union and Confederate, the album makes the case that while many years have passed since the war’s end, the songs of the era are as reson … [Read more...]

Beethoven’s Case Against Modern Feminism…

Nicolas Poussin, Coriolanus c. 1640-1655

... Yesterday was the anniversary of Beethoven's baptism so I've been listening to a few of my favorite compositions from his collected works. Did you know the Coriolan Overture makes a good case against modern feminism? Briefly, the Coriolan Overture was written by Beethoven for Heinrichs Joseph Von Collin's tragedy about the ancient 5th Century Roman general, Gaius Marcius Coriolanus. Beethoven's Overture recounts the exact moment when Gaius is met with his mother pleading at his feet … [Read more...]

Forget the Christmas music, how about some lovely, seasonally appropriate, Advent music instead…


... Tomorrow Christmas music begins. Never mind that it started playing in department stores as early as October. If you're as sick of it as I am then you'll definitely enjoy this - proper Advent music.The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles have put together an Advent CD appropriate for the season. Take a look at the playlist...1. Come Thou Redeemer of the Earth 2. Angelus Ad Virginem 3. Regnantem Sempiterna 4. Gabriels Message 5. Creator Alme Siderum 6. Hayl Mary 7. … [Read more...]


... Every time I hear this song I'm reminded of the sacrament of confession. Or rather, that fragile state when we deny ourselves access to reconciliation. If you haven't been in awhile, now is as good a time as any to remedy that.Ingrid Michaelson, Breakable … [Read more...]

whew, taxes done…

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Happy Birthday, Gioachino Rossini

Looney Tunes was responsible for my love of classical music. Why can't today's cartoons be as smart? Le sigh. … [Read more...]

Tuesday tunes…

.... Angola by Cesaria Evora. … [Read more...]

my musical crush, Joshua Bell, releases his newest CD …


... It came out yesterday and I was as a giddy as a school girl.French Impressions offers music of Ravel, Saint-Saens and Cesar Franck. … [Read more...]

Takenobu’s electric cello…

... Takenobu's new instrumental album is out and is based on the Japanese children’s story about the young boy, Momotaro. You can listen to snippets here, or find out more about this fantastic cellist whose music I've admired for some time.Momotaro by TakenobuSee, not everything modern is awful. … [Read more...]