Overlooked and Dismissed During the Synod, How Single Parents Continue to be Regarded in the Church…


Well, the Extraordinary Synod for the Family, has ended, and not surprisingly single parents have gotten the same sort of polite inattention from the Catholic bishops that we are used to getting in the pews. Special attention should be given to the accompaniment of single-parent families, in a particular way to help women who have to carry alone the responsibility of the home and raising children. That vague-sounding one line was all the consideration single parents saw in the final … [Read more...]

Insignificant Members of the Church…


... You know what the absolute best thing in the whole world is about having a blog? The ability to go back and read some of the nonsense I previously wrote and learn from my past errors in judgement.Take for example this post from two years, It's Not The Church's Responisibilty To See That You Have An Fulfilling Social Life.I don’t really expect the Church to do anything for *me* specifically outside of these sacraments. Theology on Tap is fun – it has booze. Young adult groups are als … [Read more...]

When did lunch time become so complicated…


... So my son comes home from school and tells me about this new lunch time trend. Bento boxes. A Bento what?Bento boxes are elaborate and intricately designed lunch time meals stuffed in cutesy little boxes. They usually have a popular theme and, like all things nauseatingly adorable, originated in Japan.In other words...Firstly, depending on the age, kids should be making their own lunch. Secondly...I'm doing good to throw a can of soup in a bag and remember to … [Read more...]

How To Make Prayer Fun and Less Chore Like for Kids…


... Dear Catholic Parent,You can't. Next question.Seriously, why do we give our kids chores?Because we are sadistic and enjoy their misery? Free child labor? We find their whines pleasing to the ear?OK, maybe a little.No, we give our kids chores because it teaches them responsibility. It teaches them that they are functioning members of a family and they serve a purpose.So get rid of the notion that chores are bad.Another trend I notice is that parents like … [Read more...]

Hijacking Father’s Day …


... Every Father's Days it's the same. An annual invitation to bash fatherhood.Can you imagine if Mother's Day got hijacked to such a degree.It doesn't build up motherhood or empower woman to tear down fathers, whether you think they deserve it or not.Single moms, this Father's Day lets try a different approach.1- Don't be bitter.Even if you feel your bitterness is justified and caused by circumstances that may have been out of your control you have to stop and … [Read more...]

Popping the emotional cork off of being raised fatherless…


... I had absolutely no intention of writing about fathers five days before Mother's Day but what choice did I have after having seen this video in a friend's facebook feed. I forgot how growing up without a father used to really piss me off.For every mother or father that is not directly involved in their child lives there sits a confused, angry child who grows up believing they are unlovable. Why don't they want me? Why doesn't mom or dad love me enough to be here, right now with … [Read more...]