Worry, Worms, and Religion…


... There is nothing I won't worry about.I worry about finances, the future, and my family.At the end of every needless worry is the reminder that it's all utterly pointless and completely unnecessary. There is nothing I've ever fretted about that hasn't eventually been resolved. No matter how bleak things look or how out of my control the situation may become, my anxiety has never improved the matter.Never, ever, not even once.When I was a little girl, my grandfather and … [Read more...]

Where Crow Becomes Part of My Diet …

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... We have rule in Casa De Crescat -- no bad mouthing priests in front of The Boy, because every time something negative is said about a priest a vocation quietly dies. This rule was instituted because my mom, a JPII gal through and through, regularly took aim at Pope Benedict.Is your Irony Detector going off yet?This is the part where I acknowledge my hypocritical behavior and admit to my own vocation killing, disparaging remarks about Pope Francis. I don't really have any excuse. … [Read more...]

How The Nine Days Of Prayers Comforted Me While I Fought Demons…


... With the upcoming March For Life, the topic of abortion seems to be every where at the moment. Because of this it's been on my mind daily. Perhaps these daily reminders is what triggered the event that happened this morning.My first waking thought hit me like a sledge hammer and I was instantly transported back ten years. I was standing alone in a sterile room wearing a hospital gown. In my hand was the sheet that I had pulled back off the portable suction machine that sat in the corner. … [Read more...]