Romney v. Obama 2012…

... Santorum has dropped out of the campaign. I will post more later, but in the meantime; click here to read more. … [Read more...]

I am now announcing my political endorsement for 2012…

so far its the most logical choice

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why free birth control…

Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

... Let me just put this out there for you right away. Sex is not a medical emergency. Sex is not a medical emergency. Sex is not a medical emergency. I'll put your mind at ease; you are not going to die from not having sex.However, you will die without blood pressure medications or insulin. So I ask - birth control of all things?! I mean of all the drugs out there that people actually need to survive, why something as selective as birth control. No one is going to go into heart failure, … [Read more...]

“For the good of souls, Nancy Pelosi must be denied Holy Communion and the Catholic people should be informed that she is being denied Holy Communion.”


... I am quoting Fr. Z in the above title, but I must say that if this very moment Archbishop Niederauer and Cardinal Wuerl decided to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi or deny her Communion I would stand up and loudly cheer with joy. Hell, I may even dance in place.And you can call me nasty or un-Christian for doing so all you want - but you'd be dead wrong.Warning: I am about to say "hell" a lot.First lets examine what it means when someone is excommunicated and denied Holy Communion. … [Read more...]

I hate always being right…


... Breaking News: Koman reverses decision on Planned Parenthood grantsA short lived victory with an utterly disappointing and predictable end.Why, SGK Foundation, why? You should have stuck to your guns. You've lost all credibility now. Neither side will ever trust you again. It's a shame, really. You did do legitimate good. Alas, no more.Updated 4:55pm[EST]: But wait, there's more ... let's take a nice deep breath. Is SGK really caving?However, my thinking falls along the … [Read more...]

the intolerance of the “tolerant” left…


Last night the website for the Susan G Komen Foundation was hacked by leftist Planned Parenthood supporters.PS- I predicted PP was going to use this "blow" to their financial advantage and begin raking in the pity contributions. Well, I was right. Mayor Bloomberg is quoted as saying "Politics have no place in health care". I am sure the irony is utterly lost on him.All together every one ... abortion is not health care.I'm also sure Cecile Richards is all but piddling herself … [Read more...]

Why the hell should liberals care that Susan G Komen cut off funding to Planned Parenthood…

Let me properly express my concern.

... I find the endless reactionary shrieks from liberals condemning Susan G Komen's decision strangely ironic. Why the hell should they care whether Planned Parenthood loses funding from the Komen Foundation?The two organizations made strange bedfellows.Plainly, Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms at their clinics. They only offer referrals. Induced abortions and artificial birth control increases a women's estrogen levels which in turn increase the risk of breast cancer. … [Read more...]

Why the hell should we care so much about the HHS mandate…

Asking me who's paying for these "free" pills. Go ahead, ask me.

... Do you ever feel like Catholics are the ones fighting the majority of the battles lately? Maybe it's because we like to fight about everything, being members of the Church Militant and all. Or maybe it just seems that way because blogging affords me the luxury of surrounding myself with passionate Catholics of the more orthodox ilk. Oh, I know... it's probably because politicians have no qualms picking fights and hurling insults at Catholics. Yeah, it's probably that last one.So there … [Read more...]

Dear President Obama…

also this image

Seen at Return To Rome.and this political cartoon... … [Read more...]