This isn’t going to help against those “Pope Worshiping” rumors…


... You know how protestants go about saying us Catholics worship the Pope?Well, this is totally not going to help with that.Portrait of Pope Francis by artist Shen Jiawei, source.Papal propaganda art. … [Read more...]

Who is Pope Francis to Judge…


... Not The Onion. Not the Onion. Not The Onion. Not even Eye of the Tiber.Francis: Catholics who judge, criticize offer 'counter-witness' to JesusROME Pope Francis has strongly criticized Catholics who brag that they are perfect followers of the church's teachings but then criticize or speak ill of others in their faith communities, saying they cause scandal and even offer a "counter-witness" to Jesus.The irony, it is lost somewhere. … [Read more...]

I don’t even know why we’re still shocked by anything the Pope does…

it took all its fucks with it

... I am not a person easily offended. In fact, nothing irritates me more than the perpetually offended. It takes a lot, and I mean A LOT, to make me offended.Consider this the lucky rare exception. (L’Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP, 2015)I'm just going to go ahead and say this, that picture should have never happened.Edited 7/10/15 - In this post, by David Mills, Mills notes that Nancy Pelosi was refused a photo-op with Benedict, because Benedict knew how she would u … [Read more...]

Pope on a Plane. Everyone Panic…

pope on a plane

... Look what happens when I turn my back for one lousy moment.Vatican III, something about rabbit breeders and climbing border walls. I mean, really, internet. Go home, you're drunk.In other words, the pope got on a plane and someone handed him a microphone, and we all know he's never met a microphone he didn't like. … [Read more...]

Papal Snuggie coming to the Catholic Gift Shop Nearest You…

C'mon you know you though he was wearing a snuggy too

... You know I've always remarked on how stylish Catholics typically are, with our man lace, shiny red shoes, and impeccable vestments.What? Like you weren't thinking it too.. . .obligatory legalities - Image on television source. … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Autism, and More Separate Masses…


Post by Autism Speaks.I've been to parishes where special needs children fidgeted and made noise all through mass and no one bats an eye.I've also been to parishes where everyone within ear shot turned around and gave the parents dirty looks til they moved to the cry room... where they got more dirty looks.In fact, the first ever Catholic church I went to with any regularity was in downtown Nashville. The pews were filled to the brim with every type of person imaginable; homeless … [Read more...]

The Digital Catacombs…


... What's driving bloggers into silence?From Fr. Ray Blake,The reign of Benedict produced a real flourish of 'citizen journalists', the net was alive with discussion on what the Pope was saying or doing and how it affected the life of our own local Church. Looking at some of my old posts they invariably began with quote or picture followed by a comment, Benedict stimulated thought, reflection and dialogue, an open and free intellectual environment. There was a solidity and certainty … [Read more...]

Controlling our own reactions to Francis…

Pope Francis preaching crop

... Some reader comments are just too good to be kept hidden away in the com-box. Some deserve the light of day.I really do have the best readers who contribute quite a good deal to the content here with comments and insights. I know some blogs don't even allow comments and I can see the appeal of that practice. It saves a great deal of frustration; however, you miss out on some wonderful opportunities for thoughtful dialogue.It would feel weird to me not to have comments enabled, like … [Read more...]

Rigid Traditionalists?


... Who called traditionalists rigid? Not the pope.To be clear, the pope said rigid uniformists.“Uniformists” who believe that everyone in the Church should be just like them. ”They are rigid!” said the Pope. “They do not have that freedom the Holy Spirit gives,” and they confuse what Jesus preached with their “own doctrine of uniformity.” Jesus never wanted the church to be so rigid, Pope Francis said. Such people “call themselves Catholics, but their rigid attitude distances the … [Read more...]