What does it all mean…

pope francis

... I've had some crazy vivid dreams before but this one takes the cake. Let me see if I can accurately articulate the oddness of it all...So there I was, sitting in some burger joint. I want to say it was a Five Guys. I was having dinner with a group of friends when suddenly in walks Pope Francis. Very discreetly he sits down at a table by himself and starts to eat a hamburger. All my friends started whispering excitedly and finally dare me to go over and talk to him. Pope Francis invited … [Read more...]

He’s So Awesome Because He’s Just Like MEEEEE …


... When a five year old Ford Focus becomes too extravagant, it's time to up the ante with a 29-year-old Renault4 that has 186,000 miles on it. Neat. Now I only have 82,000 more miles left on my own vehicle till I'm as humble as a pope.Wait, what? That's not how humility works?Pope Francis has already made headlines for choosing a five-year-old Ford Focus as his preferred papal transportation, part of a public emphasis on thrift and poverty. But last weekend, the pontiff expanded … [Read more...]

Baby Steps…


Lord knows I am not the mushiest of souls. Emotions raise my suspicions. But there is something so genuine about these images that it tugs at my affections for the Holy Father. It fills me with an overwhelming urge to punch the face of the next person who says something disparaging about this man.That's a start I suppose.All I can do is look at them and nod thinking, well done Frank. Well done.You know, I was going to write this long screed about ... about what? I forget … [Read more...]

Potpourri of Popery…


... The Pope at Warp Speed during Christmas mass; photo taken by the Swiss Guard and posted on their facebook page.... which I stalk daily.If you watched the mass on EWTN you know how funny this picture is, because it would be a genuine Christmas miracle if that thing-y [not it's proper name] he rode around St. Peter's on went over 2 miles an hour. … [Read more...]

A little Potpourri of Popery to start the weekend off right…


I can understand why parents want the Pope to kiss their babies. So they can brag, "Little Tommy was kissed by the Pope; he won't do drugs when he grows up. Little Max was only kissed by a deacon when he was an infant, so who knows with him." But politicians? Yeah, what's the deal with having politicians kissing babies?Oh, and Happy belated birthday, Msgr. Gänswein. I got you something really nice but I'm waiting to deliver it in person. … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict – causing me to reevaluate my genuine dislike of the feline species..

pope cat1

I don't know if this one is photoshopped too, but I definitely see kitsch potential in the theme... Pope Benedict with kitties. … [Read more...]

potpourri of Popery…


I think this one is making the sidebar gallery. … [Read more...]

Potpourri of Popery…

Pope Benedict XVI holds a reliquary given as a gift by a priest during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican, November 2, 2011

... Pope Benedict XVI holds a reliquary given as a gift to him from a priest during his November 2nd general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican.Photo attribution: (CNS photo/Paul Haring) (Nov. 2, 2011) © 2011 Catholic News Service … [Read more...]

potpourri of Popery…

Photo credit; Piotrek Photos. … [Read more...]