Weekly Random Roman Roundup…

hey its better than nothing

... Catholic things that end up in my media feed.Padre Pio + tonsures = Catholic bad asserySt. Ann's Catholic Church in Charlotte has a beautiful new mural.but...Tu etiam levare, fra?I kid. I kid. I can't wait to see the mural installed. St Ann is easily the most beautiful church in the area. But don't get too attached the six pack, ladies. I have it on good authority that St. John the Baptist will be covered so as not to intimidate the physically inferior. … [Read more...]

Please don’t ask me about demographics…

... Free real estate advice because I am a giver!If you are moving to an area and you're not familiar with the neighborhoods and schools, please don't ask your realtor what the demographic is.Sure you'll get some agents who will tell you this neighborhood is predominately this ethnicity or that, but they'd be violating a whole slew of laws by doing so. Do you really want someone helping you who just proved they're unethical?Neighborhoods fluctuate over time. Some areas will get … [Read more...]