Because the internet is not all depressing news and celebrity gossip…


... There's some interesting stuff out there too.An Arlington Heights 6th Grader Starts a Prison MinistryTom Constertina, a sixth-grade student at St. James School in Arlington Heights, decided to donate his own money to buy Bibles for people behind bars. By telling others of his cause, Tom has inspired donations totaling more than $2,000, enough to buy 600 Bibles designed especially for prisoners.Being a modern young man, he went online and found Bibles called "Free on the … [Read more...]

random stuff for your eyes and ears…


... Hey nerds. Do you like optical illusions? I've actually done of a few of these "tricks" and have others squirreled away for future science projects for The Boy. Kids love this stuff. I've perfected the candle trick so well that I can actually light multiple candles at once from almost a foot away from their wicks. I'm a wizard!Brusspup makes science fun.***Did you say electric cello? Of course you did. Takenobu, Atlanta based cellist and composer, just released his … [Read more...]

When everything is awesome, nothing is…

Taurid Meteor Shower over Yellowstone - National Geographic

... Few things are considered awe inspiring yet it seems everything is "awesome". When "awesome" is used to describe the most mundane of things in everyday speech the word loses meaning; I had an awesome burrito for dinner last night versus the awesome power of God. To be struck with awe is to have a reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. When we say everything is awesome that means nothing really is. You know, like when everyone is considered "special".Paganini's 24 Caprices are … [Read more...]

Too busy to post much today, so instead…


... some links I hope you find interesting, uplifting, and enlightening.This one's for you, Earl Scruggs. Requiscat in pace.-----------------------------A video of the Pope and Fidel Castro meeting. Libertad!The Pope in a sombrero...-----------------------------My grandfather had a farm in Williamsburg and my happiest childhood memories were Christmas at his house and then heading to Colonial Williamsburg for hot apple cider. The springs there were just as … [Read more...]