“Pro-lifers don’t carry guns. Ever.”

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... That's not my opinion, mind you. It's a reader's opinion, left for me in the comment section of this post.Since I've encountered this statement before I thought I'd talk a little about what it means to be pro-life and what actively being pro-life looks like.For context, here's what I wrote."If someone told you that you were going to meet a complete and total stranger for coffee what would you do? You would be extra cautious, of course ... meet in a public crowded place, … [Read more...]

Video of Planned Parenthood Doctor Caught Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies…

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Updated 7:12 PM - a screen grab from Stem Express's webpage before they promptly removed in when the story broke.@the_crescat screenshot of StemExpress page before it shut down. Note focus on Financial Profits. #PPSellsBabyParts pic.twitter.com/uHOMfklVGN— ctmommy (@ctmommy) July 14, 2015UPDATE 6:35 PM Gov. Bobby Jindal Announces Planned Parenthood InvestigationUPDATING THE UPDATES WITH RESPONSE FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD. 7/15/15 6:13pmPlanned Parenthood alleges the … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Autism, and More Separate Masses…


Post by Autism Speaks.I've been to parishes where special needs children fidgeted and made noise all through mass and no one bats an eye.I've also been to parishes where everyone within ear shot turned around and gave the parents dirty looks til they moved to the cry room... where they got more dirty looks.In fact, the first ever Catholic church I went to with any regularity was in downtown Nashville. The pews were filled to the brim with every type of person imaginable; homeless … [Read more...]

Upcoming Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats and Finding Foregiveness…


... Rachel's Vineyard is a fantastic organization that offers post abortive counseling for women and men dealing with the aftereffects of abortion.They have an upcoming retreat here in Charlotte this month, November 21st-23rd. If you're interested in going please contact Maggi Fitzpatrick Nadol (704-370-3229, MNadol@CharlotteDiocese.org) or Deacon Tom Rasmussen (828-495-7234, deacontom@centurylink.net).For a full directory of retreats in the US click here, outside the US click here. … [Read more...]

Lifelong Effects of Abortion on Men – A Robbed Manhood…


... Once I saw a bumper sticker, “Having an abortion doesn’t make you un-pregnant. It makes you the mother of a dead baby.” The same could be said for a father whose child has been aborted.Little attention is given to men when the topic of abortion is raised. Many believe since men don't have a uterus they don't have the right to an opinion on the matter. But a pregnancy doesn't involve just the pregnant woman. Many people are involved - a child yet born, future and/or existing siblings, gran … [Read more...]

Pro-Abortion Politician Writes Self Appeasing Rubbish About Her Excommunication…

Ay dios mio.

... Someone once asked me if I struggled with any of the Church's teachings? My reply was plain.If I did you wouldn't know about it.But what if your struggle could help others who were working through the same issues?Not even then.Maybe if I had reached a satisfactory understanding and wanted to share with someone the misconceptions I was under and how it was resolved. Maybe.But really. If I am struggling with anything contrary to what the Church teaches I will not share … [Read more...]

Abortion Rom-Com Romanticizing Infanticide Hits Theaters…


... Absolutely repugnant.[NewsBuster] In the new abortion romantic comedy hitting theaters, the child in “Obvious Child” is anything but obvious.Director Gillian Robespierre’s “Obvious Child” follows an aspiring young comedian, Donna Stern, whose abortion turns into a “happily ever after” love story. Opening June 6, the film stresses “self-discovery and empowerment” and the “realities of independent womanhood.” With endorsements from Planned Parenthood and NARAL as well as applause from … [Read more...]

Toni Braxton Joins Growing List of Celebrities Speaking Out After Their Abortions…


... I suspect stories like this will start to become more commonplace.At least I hope they do.Not to mean that I enjoy reading about women struggling with the guilt and depression associated with being post-abortive. I mean that I hope more women who have a wide audience and the public's attention, like Hollywood celebrities, will start speaking out against abortion with regularity.When they share their painful stories it is a powerful witness. With each new headline the curtain … [Read more...]

9 Days of Prayer For Life…


... I am fortunate enough to live within reasonable driving distance to the Washington DC area, which gives me the geographical advantage of being able to attend the March for Life. Ok, so I've only been to one march; and what an experience it was. Unfortunately, this year the day job, yes I have a real job (two, in fact), prevents me from making it. That doesn't mean I can't be there in spirit. In fact, anyone who can't make the trip, either because of distance or time, can spiritually join the … [Read more...]