Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series and idolizing dysfunctional relationships…


... On the recommendation of women everywhere I decided to give Diana Gabaldon's popular series, Outlander, a try.And yeah.Seriously, women! This is what passes as romance?I commented that Jaime and Claire's relationship was dysfunctional at best. "Keep reading", you said. "It gets better", you promised.Jaime threatens to beat Claire lots. "Yes, but just keep reading", it gets better.Jaime beats Claire "within an inch of her life" for running off and almost getting … [Read more...]

Good Catholic Fiction That Isn’t So … Catholic?

oh my what is this shit I'm reading

... I've always wanted to write a book. A modern day collection of cautionary tales for young people offering up anecdotes from my own life. Hey kids, you don't want to end up like your crazy Auntie Kat. But I fear what ever I compose might not be suitable for Catholic publishing's delicate sensibilities.Why, oh why is Catholic publishing so boring and sanitized?Just today I got a catalog in the mail from a publishing company, that shall remain nameless, whose collection of works … [Read more...]

the Happy Catholic comes to Patheos…

... Well, at least her bookshelf does. As a fellow bibliophile, I am thrilled to see the majority of her reviews, recommendations, and podcasts find a home here, in one convenient location. Welcome, Julie.And now here are some awesome people reading. … [Read more...]