Wake Up and Welcome Back…


... Begone acedia. Begone sullenness. Self pity. Ennui. Shoo. Away with thee!I just remembered I am Catholic. Damn Catholic. A nun gazing, hymn loving, incense is the best smell in the world Catholic. A proud to be and grateful that She'd have me Catholic.Why the sudden change in mood? Because I suddenly caught myself effortlessly praying in the middle of the day for no real discernible reason. Yeah, that one shocked me too. And it was with that shock that I finally woke up.I AM … [Read more...]

Motherhood and the Rule of St. Benedict…


... Or what I like to affectionately refer to as, the Rule of Motherhood. That was the main focus of the workshop I gave at the Frassati Conference. I know it sounds a bit weird, St. Benedict and motherhood, especially when there are so many saintly woman that fit the bill - St. Ann, St. Monica, Our Lady. But really, St. Benedict and his Rule fit aptly with the theme of motherhood.When he wrote the Rule, his intention was not to establish a monastic order, but rather give something his … [Read more...]

remember those 399,000 ninjas that marched under a giant invisibility cloak…

... Well, it looks like CBS Washington found a pair of Spectraspecs. It didn't take a pair of very observant eyes to notice that when CBS Washington originally reported about the March For Life they failed to capture a photo of a single solitary pro-life advocate. It was astonishing really. I guess, after receiving reader feedback, the editor was prompted to take another look at that film, and oops... there they are.They have now revised their coverage to include some photos of the … [Read more...]