Reese Gone Wild…


... It happens all the time in Hollywood. Whenever an actress wants to prove she's all grown up the clothes start to come off.Hollywood, where everyone is a feminist and a sexist at the same time.Emma Watson, who spoke at the UN demanding equality for all sexes, doesn't even see the paradox within the industry she works for. I'd like to know her thoughts on why male actors aren't encouraged to get naked and compromise their morals to prove their acting chops.Most recently, … [Read more...]

Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series and idolizing dysfunctional relationships…


... On the recommendation of women everywhere I decided to give Diana Gabaldon's popular series, Outlander, a try.And yeah.Seriously, women! This is what passes as romance?I commented that Jaime and Claire's relationship was dysfunctional at best. "Keep reading", you said. "It gets better", you promised.Jaime threatens to beat Claire lots. "Yes, but just keep reading", it gets better.Jaime beats Claire "within an inch of her life" for running off and almost getting … [Read more...]

What Poor People are Deserving of …

Is this poor enough looking for ya'?

... Let's talk about poverty. Or rather, what poor people deserve.The minute you start talking about charity (money, gov't subsidies, church donations, handouts etc.) for the poor an amazing thing happens.People immediately start to critique the poor's worthiness."But people on welfare have TV's, so they don't deserve food!"It would seem that poor people deserve no common comforts and should be punished with an utterly barren life.Or new blouses. Poor women don't deserve … [Read more...]

This was never about birth control…


... Obviously.In response to all the leftist outrage over the Hobby Lobby ruling...You do know that if you really can't afford to fund your own promiscuity you can look into your local health department, where you can get your pills for free or dramatically reduced based on your income? Condoms are always free there. If you're in college, go to your local student clinic. Your contraception is free there too.In other words, don't make me financially support something I am … [Read more...]

23 signs you are a narcissist and men should probably avoid you at all costs…


... Huffington Post never fails to amuse, what with it's limitless supply of young narcissists. Meet of one of the newest additions to their writing staff, Ms. Vanessa Elizabeth, marriage mocker and travel extraordinaire. Oh, goody.I've been noticing more and more people getting engaged and/or married under the age of 23.I get it.It's cold outside... you want to cuddle and talk about your feelings... life after graduation is a tough transition... so why not just cut to the chase and … [Read more...]

Cohabitation is a smack in the face …


... Working in real estate affords me a candid peek into different types of living arrangements, many of which are considered unconventional. You'd think I'd be used to some things having been in this business close to a decade. But I will never ever get used to the well meaning parents who casually co-sign for their children to cohabitate with their significant others. That, that right there blows my mind.I cannot even begin to count the number of bright young girls who've sat at this desk … [Read more...]