This was never about birth control…


... Obviously.In response to all the leftist outrage over the Hobby Lobby ruling...You do know that if you really can't afford to fund your own promiscuity you can look into your local health department, where you can get your pills for free or dramatically reduced based on your income? Condoms are always free there. If you're in college, go to your local student clinic. Your contraception is free there too.In other words, don't make me financially support something I am … [Read more...]

23 signs you are a narcissist and men should probably avoid you at all costs…


... Huffington Post never fails to amuse, what with it's limitless supply of young narcissists. Meet of one of the newest additions to their writing staff, Ms. Vanessa Elizabeth, marriage mocker and travel extraordinaire. Oh, goody.I've been noticing more and more people getting engaged and/or married under the age of 23.I get it.It's cold outside... you want to cuddle and talk about your feelings... life after graduation is a tough transition... so why not just cut to the chase and … [Read more...]

You Knew It Was Coming, The Halloween Whore Rants…


... Brace yourselves, it's Halloween. Time for the slutty costume rants. In today's news:Following accusations from parents that Walmart was sexualizing toddlers by offering a “Naughty Leopard” Halloween costume for little girls, the retail giant stopped selling the item, both in stores and online, on Thursday.“We apologize to customers who may have been offended by the name of the costume and we are pulling the costume from our shelves,” a Walmart spokesperson confirmed for Yahoo Shine … [Read more...]

Cohabitation is a smack in the face …


... Working in real estate affords me a candid peek into different types of living arrangements, many of which are considered unconventional. You'd think I'd be used to some things having been in this business close to a decade. But I will never ever get used to the well meaning parents who casually co-sign for their children to cohabitate with their significant others. That, that right there blows my mind.I cannot even begin to count the number of bright young girls who've sat at this desk … [Read more...]

I’d have 20 babies if I could…

Taken before TLC took them shopping

... though I'd dress them more fashionably and wouldn't be caught dead with that perm. I jest. I think they are a lovely family.Michelle Duggar announced recently that she and her family are expecting their 20th child. Now the poor woman has to defend herself against some of the nastiest comments I ever read. For heaven's sake, this is someone's wife and mother... not the Octomom. She and her husband are a loving couple devoted to their family; why shouldn't she want to add another … [Read more...]