When you deny a little girl a dollhouse it usually manifests itself in extreme ways later in life…

This little girl has a dollhouse and she's happy so it's obviously not a picture of me.

... The tragedy of my youth. I never had a dollhouse. I couldn't understand it. It's not like I was asking for a pony; just a dollhouse. Not even a fancy dollhouse with all the ornate miniature antique furniture and real porcelain tea sets. Just a simple wooden dollhouse that I could decorate myself. And my mom never got me one. Not even the ugly hot pink plastic Barbie dream-house.What horrible mother denies their little girl a dollhouse?! I'll tell you who. Feminists mommies who … [Read more...]

What’s the difference between…


... Southern Fried Steak, Country Fried Steak, and Chicken Fried Steak?Lest anyone accuse me of never having a profound thought. … [Read more...]

If I was going to be trapped on a deserted island with anyone it would definitely be Nathan Fillion because being stuck with Gilligan would be pure hell…


... Literally. "Years after the show ended, its creator, Sherwood Schwartz, admitted that each of the characters represented one of the seven deadly sins — Pride (the Professor), Anger (Skipper), Lust, (Ginger), and the rest. Gilligan was supposed to be Sloth.But a closer viewing indicates that the island may well have been Hell — and the red-clad Gilligan the devil who kept them on his island."I got my theological entertainment from MacGyver and The A Team. … [Read more...]