Of Boys and Bacon…

a perfectly fine idea

... Boys are fantastic creatures. They seem to derive simple pleasure from the most unexpected things.Me: Wait a minute! Where do you think you're going with that plate of bacon? The Boy: To the bathroom. Me: With a plate of bacon? The Boy: Yes. You told me to take a shower. Me: With a plate of bacon? The Boy: Yeah, I wanted to eat bacon in the shower. Me: But.... I.... I actually have no argument against this. Carry on. … [Read more...]

Older and Wiser…

Jan 1st

... It's hard to believe my son is almost a teenager. It seems like just yesterday I was able to get away with lying that I got him fireworks for his birthday.Happy birthday, Kiddo. Mama loves ya. … [Read more...]

So You Want To Be A Blogger…

every time

... Answering reader email.Dear Crescat,I started a blog a few months ago and already I'm struggling with staying motivated and finding fresh material to write about. I heard some writers have certain rituals or routines. I've also been told it's important to keep a designated writing space available. What's your creative space look like?Sincerely, Bummed BloggerDear Bummed,My designated writing space is anywhere in my home where the wifi reception isn't interrupted by … [Read more...]

I’d Like to Celebrate This Moment With a Little Song…


The Boy left for Scout Camp this weekend. He'll be gone for an entire week.Summer Camp... and the parents of the world rejoiced.The Boy, pictured doing some weird squat-y thing.Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible.You guys are seriously awesome. … [Read more...]