Manly Catholicism…


... Brigadier General, Fr. Patrick J. Dolan.Pray for these dutiful men. … [Read more...]


... Catholic Chaplain conducting Mass in Northern Iraq.Image source. … [Read more...]

“Some of you will be become priests”…


... I can tell my son about the importance of prayer and lead by example all day long but my words and actions will never have the same deeply profound impact as it would coming from his father. The reality is his father was rabidly anti-Catholic and hasn't been around in eight years. It's been a hidden suspicion of mine that he'll view practicing his faith as womanly, since I'm his only example. And I can be a poor one at times. St. Monica I am not.I am always immensely grateful when … [Read more...]

Fr. Ted discusses the “spirit of Vatican II”…

... Remember Fr. Ted, the priest who faced off with Kim Franke, organizer of a rally to support the sisters and the LCWR, at St. Augustine Cathedral (Kalamazoo, Michigan) on June 10, 2012?Well, he's back with a great video about the Second Vatican Council in response to those who protested outside the Cathedral Church of Saint Augustine earlier this month. … [Read more...]

Father Marcel Guarnizo personal accounting of the events…

I support our priests

... You may recall the news regarding the lesbian Buddhist "catholic" activist who used her mother's funeral to promote her agenda and was subsequently denied communion at that funeral. Surprisingly, or not, the local archdiocese and Fr. Marcel's bishop took Ms. Johnson's side in the whole orchestrated event.The faithful were cautioned not to make any assumptions about the bishop and diocese involved without knowing Fr. Marcel's side of the story. Well, we don't have to wonder anymore. … [Read more...]